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Fighting back tears, Han Minkyu wheeled himself to the nearest crosswalk. As he waited for the light to change he glances up at the night sky contemplating his life thus far.

There was a chill in the air causing him to give a slight shiver. Wrapping his arms around himself he tried to cling to the last little bit of heat that his body generated. Minkyu silently berated himself for not grabbing his coat while he was rushing out of his apartment.

Another shiver ran through him, but it was different from the first one. It wasn’t the cold that made him shiver… no, it was something else entirely that made his skin crawl. It was the feeling of being watched.  This feeling is something that Minkyu would never forget from his time in the spotlight.

It was the feeling of when his fans would follow him everywhere he went invading his personal space. It was bad enough that it was late at night since he was the only one on the street and besides the sounds of cars, there was only silence that permeated the air so knowing someone is watching him made it downright creepy.

Thinking he was just worrying over nothing, he let out a deep breath that he wasn’t even aware that he was holding.

‘It’s probably just another person waiting for the light to turn.’ He told himself, about to look back to see who it was but before he could he felt someone grab his wheelchair.

Minkyu let out a loud yelp grabbing at his wheels trying to getaway. He strained his neck, twisting and turning to look behind him so he could see who had a hold of his chair, but before he could, he was already being pushed right into the path of a speeding car.

Everything felt as if it was going in slow motion, the headlights coming towards him the sound of a horn honking, tires squealing on the pavement, the distinct sound of the impact of his body hitting against the car before landing on the hard concrete.

Minkyu lied there barely breathing, his body was completely mangled, a considerable amount of blood was dripping from his head. The only thing he wanted to do at the moment was to slip into the blissful escape called unconsciousness.

Every part of his body screamed at him to do just that, but he fought against it.

He couldn’t give in, not yet anyways there was still something he had to know. Using every bit of strength he had left he struggled to open his blurry eyes so he could see the person who sent him to his early death.

The fuzziness that shrouded his eyes cleared up. Accept for a slight twitch Minkyu face remained blank as he saw her standing near him hands covering her mouth in what appeared to be shocked, he was all too aware of her cunning, devious nature to know that she was just pretending.

He let out a pained chuckle that became a bloody cough, watching once again as she plays innocent, yelling and screaming at everyone to call for help. She didn’t fool him though, he already knew exactly what type of person she was. he knew she wanted to get rid of him from the moment she first perceived him as a threat.

That woman only thought of him as a stain dirtying up her picture-perfect life. He understood that well, especially since for the past year she tried a variety of methods to kill him and now she finally succeeded.

Minkyu realized that she knew it to if the cruel glint in her eyes and smug smirk playing around her lips said anything. 

Minkyu heard his name being called somewhere in the distance, he knew that voice. That was the voice that always woke him up from his nightmares, it was the voice that saved him once upon a time. It was usually so strong sounding but now It sounded shaky and scared.

Suddenly the man the voice belonged to was there, his Yeongie, his lifelong friend, the only person who mattered to him in this world. Minkyu wished he could tell him that he would be just fine, but he knew that would be a lie.

He could feel his life slipping away from him little by little. Minkyu truly felt regretful that he was leaving the only person he really ever loved, in ways he would never understand behind like this.

Wetness appeared on his face, Minkyu wondered if it was raining looking up he saw that it was his Yeongie’s tears splashing down upon his face how he wishes he could raise his arm to wipe them away but he couldn’t move it anymore he barely had enough strength to keep his eyes opened.

Minkyu watched as his Yeongie’s tears kept falling as he yelled for him to stay awake that help would be here soon. Minkyu couldn’t help but compare those tears rain, he felt that it would be fitting, since it was raining the day that he died the first time.

As the sound of multiple sirens of ambulances and police cars drew ever nearer, Minkyu thoughts drifted as the haze around his eyes grew, replaying over past events of how his short life ended like this…

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