Some people believe that before they die their lives flash before their eyes. As Minkyu’s bloodied mangled body laid on that hard concrete street he realized the truth in what everyone believed.

Time seemed to stand still as scenes that have been long forgotten from his memory found their way to the forefront of his mind. It felt as if he was watching some sort of movie projector and it was showing his life as a show.

The sounds of everything around him started to fade away becoming only white noise. It started from the sirens of the ambulances, the cars whizzing by, to the cries of the man he loved dearly.

The sounds they made became distant, more with every passing moment. Darkness has begun creeping in, signaling that his end was near, Minkyu could only watch the flashes of his life with regret and sadness.

☆☆☆☆☆☆15 years ago ☆☆☆☆☆☆

A nine-year-old young boy stared out of the window in excitement, his father was taking him to his favorite restaurant for dinner to celebrate. His father just got a big promotion at the music company where he worked for 5 years.

The boy knew his father didn’t think he knew how bad things were going for them, but he did. He saw the bills piling up, he was the one who answered the phone for the creditors, he definitely understood how great this promotion was for them.

Minkyu still couldn’t believe it when he saw his father waiting for him outside of his school. He looked so different from how he usually looked. Gone was his unkempt greying hair now it was perfectly styled, he still had his signature dark eyebags but now they seemed to be lighter. Minkyu guessed that makeup was involved since his overall appearance approved.

What really shocked him was his father looked to be wearing an extremely expensive suit while standing in front of a luxury BMW.

When Minkyu asked his father what was going on he was shocked to discover that he got promoted and got a lot of perks because of it.

To be exact $100.000.000 cash which he used to buy everything. Minkyu wished he would have saved it but understood that this was just the beginning of their new lives so he just put it out of his mind.

Coming from out of his thoughts he turned away from the window and looked at his father. It’s been raining heavily now for a while now and the traffic has been backing up and he was getting a little hungry. He had missed lunch today because he forgot his wallet on his desk in his room, so he couldn’t wait to get to the restaurant to gorge out on food.

“Appa, are we almost there? I’m really hungry.” The boy asked while playing with the strap of his seat belt.

“Not yet, Minkyu. The rain is slowing everyone down. They know if they were to drive to fast it might cause an accident. It will be a while before we reach the restaurant.”

Giving a slight nod of understanding the young boy said, “That’s alright Appa, this just means I get to spend more time with you.”

Unnoticed by the boy the father was saddened when his son said that. Looking into the rearview mirror he watched as his son leaned against the door while looking out the window.

Minkyu reminded him so much of his dead wife. It was like he inherited all of her features and none of his. He was such a beautiful boy with his almond-shaped eyes, button nose, and chubby cheeks.

He could just imagine his wife up in heaven scolding him saying things like, ‘Han Seung-Min you better be taking good care of my son or I will come down there and haunt you.’ Seung-Min gave a slight smirk at that thought.

He won’t have to worry anymore because things have changed. With his new promotion, he could finally give his son the life he deserved.

He would finally be able to spend more time with his little Minkyu, and he would make his wife proud by letting their baby know what it was like to live in luxury.

“Is that so?” Seung-Min asked. The traffic had stalled once again giving him time to turn around and really look at his son. “Minkyu…”, he said grabbing his son’s attention. “I promise that things will be different.”

Suddenly there was a sharp blast from a horn, that sounded as if it was coming closer and closer. Seung-Min turned around quickly to see a large truck was out of control. It sped down the highway knocking cars out of the way like they were nothing.

The truck was coming straight towards them, Seung-Min tried to drive away from the incoming truck but everyone was in a panic and all attempts were blocked by other cars.

Seung-min’s only thought was to save his son and since there was no way out he would use his body to cushion the impact. He climbed into the backseat and wrapped himself around his son’s body.

“Remember Appa loves you,” Seung-Min said just as the truck crashed into them, causing the BMW to flip three times before landing upside-down.

On the last flip, one of the windows broke causing a piece of glass to become embedded in Seung-min’s neck causing him to slowly bleed out while clutching his seemingly unconscious son. As he lay dying, his only wish was for his son to be saved.


An unknown amount of time passes before Minkyu awoke. The sounds of sirens were everywhere. He remembered his dad coming back to where he was and hugging him before something hit them. He blacked out after that.

Feeling arms wrapped around him he looked to see his father. Letting out a sigh of relief he reached out to shake him only to draw away when he saw blood pouring out from his neck.

Somewhere in the back of his mind he knew what had happened, he knew his father was dead, but another part, the irrational part wouldn’t believe.

“Appa…”, he whispered while shaking him gently. “Appa, wake up we have to go.

“Appa, come on you need to go to the hospital.” Tears were unknowingly falling from his eyes as he screamed for his father trying to get him to awaken.

It was ten minutes later when two EMT’S found Minkyu but to him, it felt like hours. He was cuddling his father when the two men pulled him out of the wreckage. He yelled and screamed fighting tooth and nail as they pulled him farther and farther away from his Appa.

The EMT’S restrained him while giving him looks of pity. Gently as they could with Minkyu being hysterical, they brought him inside of an ambulance.

Minkyu kept struggling as they strapped him to the bed. He didn’t understand why they wouldn’t let him go to his Appa and as something sharp pricked him in the arm making it so that he could barely keep his eyes open. The only thing he could think about before falling asleep was that last moment before the crash when he was still happy.

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