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As Minkyu slept,terrible images kept playing in his throughout his head, each one getting worse and worse by each passing moment. They were scenes of the accident but were exaggerated by 100 percent.

The truck that crashed into him and his dad no longer looked normal, it now had a demonic face attached to it, a dark aura and as it drove towards them it left a trail of fire in its wake.

As the truck hit the car this time around Minkyu didn’t black out but was awake for the impact. He watched as the front window of the car shattered and how one of the large pieces of glass flew back towards them slicing off his dad’s neck in one clean motion.

Minkyu was too shocked to even scream as he watched as his dad’s head fell onto his lap. Something strange happened after that, his father’s head started to slowly deteriorate in his hands. The skin rotted away, the eyes dissolved into a slimy substance until all there was left was a shiny white skull.

Throughout this whole process, Minkyu was frozen in place until his dad’s dead body started to move, grabbing at him. He started to panic, screaming for help while struggling to get away.


With one last scream, Minkyu woke up to find that he was in a hospital room and everything that he had experienced was just a nightmare.

Looking around he saw that a kind-looking older nurse was tending to him asking if he was alright. Minkyu just nodded his head not really sure how to answer. Physically he felt fine but mentally after that dream, there were no words.

After a couple of minutes or so there was a sound of footsteps, that was getting ever closer to his room. The door opened to reveal a doctor and a lone police officer. As the police officer came in Minkyu knew that he would never be able to see his father again.

He would never see him laugh, hear his lame jokes, talk to him about his day or listen to his stories about how his father met his mother. He barely heard the police officer, in fact, he tried his best not to listen. All he wanted to do was scream out at the injustice of it all.

Things were finally looking up for him and his dad and this happens, he could not believe it, he wouldn’t believe it. Minkyu came to a decision as he stared at the wall ignoring the police officer as long as he doesn’t admit to himself that his father is dead as long as the words don’t come out his mouth it wouldn’t be real.


Officer Sonu walked into the hospital room, to see a small boy who was slightly bruised staring listlessly at a wall. He hated having to give out bad news especially to someone as young and fragile as this boy seemed to be.

Giving a small sigh he sat in the chair that was nearest to the boy. He knew he needed to get this over with, like pulling off a bandage. The faster the better, for him and the young boy.

Clearing his throat the officer began to speak. “Minkyu-sshi I regret to inform you that your father passed away in a car accident this afternoon.”

Seeing no response from the boy he carried on. “The crash was caused by a ruptured tire. The truck driver wasn’t at fault in any way and he is terribly sorry for what has happened.”

Besides a slight clenching of the boy’s fists there were no other reactions. The officer knew that the boy was listening from his reaction, but from the look in his eyes, he couldn’t tell how much was getting through.

“We will contact your relatives so they can help you through this. I will leave my card here if you want to contact me about what happened.”

After putting his card on the side table he looked at the boy one last time before leaving the room.


Days passed but Minkyu still didn’t want to believe that his father was dead even after he had confirmation from that police officer. He thought that as long as he doesn’t say those words out loud than it won’t be true. It was a childish action on his part and he knew it but he didn’t care.

At this moment he didn’t care about anything, closing himself off from the world Minkyu stopped speaking. If someone addresses him he would not say a word. The nurse who was taking care of him realized how quiet he was and wondered if something was wrong, she brought this matter up to the doctor who was in charge.

After some tests, the doctor proclaimed that there wasn’t anything physically wrong with him. The doctor felt that the reason for him not speaking was due to trauma, and he might need psychological help to fix it.

When Minkyu relatives came and learned about his problem they were caring at first, but after hearing his father’s will they made excuses about why they couldn’t take him in.

What they didn’t know was that the will was a test from his father to see who would truly take care of his son when he was gone. Minkyu learned about this from his father’s lawyer. His father actually left him a large sum of money it was a gift from his mother’s family on the day of their wedding. His mother and father never touched it and decided to save it for their children while adding more to it.

Silent tears fall from his eyes after he learned about it. Although the only drawback was that he was not allowed to touch the money until he was 18 years old. He could only access it if it for an emergency, such as hospital expensives and the like.

A couple of weeks had passed and Minkyu was well enough that he could finally leave the hospital, but because he is still underage and since his relatives didn’t want to take him in, he would be taken to an orphanage.

Before going to the orphanage, a social worker came to take him to his father’s grave to pay his respects. As he stared at his father’s name, tears rolled down his cheeks. He could only now accept this reality, where his father is no longer with him but he still couldn’t bring himself to say it…he couldn’t. 

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