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100 Ways To Get The Male God Chapter 73

Arc 2.48: The Online Game God is Very Pure

Proofreaders by Lynn and Abbie

Translated by Boo 

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When he was held up and put in bed, Yu Chu took the opportunity to educate him, “In the future, if there’s a situation… you, you can do it yourself.”

The young man climbed onto the bed and looked at her dark eyes.

“…” It was clear from his beautiful eyes that there was an inexplicable sign of rejection.

His eyelashes fluttered as he pulled up the quilt and covered her, “… Don’t do this.”

As if he were rejecting her, even disgusted. It isn’t hard to understand this person’s obsession with cleanliness.

Yu Chu couldn’t help but feel hurt as she closed her lip and felt her sore hands.

This guy had such a bad habit, and after this, she wouldn’t be a part of it.

She asked, “Don’t you like this?”

Hearing the meaning of the girl’s delicate voice, the young white fingers pulled up the quilt he had covered himself in. His delicate face was beet red, he blinked as his gaze fell on her hands.

Holding her hands he lifted his lashes, “Pain?”

Yu Chu shook her head.

The man hugged her, with a pair of dark eyes which seemed to shatter the stars.

He gently shook his head, his white cheeks flushed red.

After a moment of hesitation as he coaxed her shyly, he dropped his long eyelashes and bit his lips, looking indifferent, “… Like.”

His white hand pulled up the quilt and covered half of his face, his clear but low voice said , “ no dislike…”

… Shy again.

Yu Chu stared at the tip of his reddish ear.

She thought, with this man’s face so red, to be able to say all of that here… she was afraid that it was the limit. She hooked her lips, closed her eyes and understandingly said, “Well, it’s late, go to sleep.”

The man underneath the quilt then reached over to hold her waist tightly and said in a low said, “ Okay.”


The school curriculum was not difficult for Yu Chu, plus there were people at home to cook every day, life was too leisurely, so she almost forgot to get down to business.

So she logged into the game and received an official message from the official site, inviting her to participate in an offline party, Yu Chu was stunned for a moment.

She couldn’t help but look at someone who as sitting not too far away.

The man was sitting on the sofa reading a book, with no emotions on his face, but he still looked beautiful.

No wonder in the ancient times it was often said that the country had an evil enchantress, if there was such a beauty around, it would really divert people’s attention.

Yu Chu pouted, and calmly pushed the business mistake that she forgot on others as she slowly pondered with a slight frown.

—Must go.

There was a sense of interest in her eyes.

— Lin Xinxin and Li Haorui were together in this offline party.

If she wanted to let her brother Don Mo to be Lin Xinxin’s heart, she needed to add more fierce material.

This party was a great opportunity.

She replied to the customer service, whilst casually asking the person, “I received the game’s offline party invitation, you should have also received it, are you going?”

Su Yanbai put down the book, was about to look down and say no, but paused slightly and asked, “Do you want to go?”

The girl nodded as she replied, “Well, my brother will go so I’ll accompany him. What about you?”

The young man picked up the book again and calmly replied, “Together.”

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