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100 Ways To Get The Male God Chapter 74

Arc 2.49: The Online Game God is Very Pure

Proofreaders by Lynn and Abbie

Translated by Boo 

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For a month, the campus had not heard much behind the tongue.

Because of the attitude of the person concerned, the rumours came and went quickly.

Although Lin Xinxin had not reconciled, she had no choice but to lurk and wait patiently waiting for the offline party.

Yu Chu also ignored her.

Because of rumors on campus, his God had mentioned an open relationship, the reason she had rejected it was fairly simple, before the end of the relationship between Tang Mo and Lin Xinxin, hastily open relationshipwas not a good thing.

With Lin Xinxin’s secret thought on Su Yanbai, openly speaking it could not be said to stimulate Lin Xinxin.

Yu Chu prefers a feeling of complete control. It is better not to have any other unpredictable accident.

But also had to first wronged God no name no points..

She couldn’t help but smile as she thought of it.


Offline party would come soon come.

As the game company with the largest valuation in the market, the game company to which <The World> belonged to was rich and thus, was directly under the package of a five-star hotel.

Heavy red rolled all the way down the floor, for the game player come in, was a star-like scenery.

The first floor was where the game players party, the upper floor was where the rooms were.

The game company honestly distinguished the advantages and disadvantages of the room according to the player’s position in the game.

Of course, if you were a rich and a powerful person, you could pay extra to upgrade the grade of the room yourself, or simply live out.

The  hotel was splendid with  huge chandeliers hanging from the ceiling as bright light spawned over the floor , the sister’s who were responsible for the reception had beautiful, long and white legs, wearing a red Cheongsam. They stood every corner of the room, with a smile on their face, to provide intimate service to the players.

Many players had never seen such a scene before, they happily chatted with some people whilst bragging to others.

This party was a gathering of different server masters who could be called Crouching Tiger and Hidden Dragon.

Not only the master of 085 , but also the cattle of other servers would be coming.

This included the entire game, even the top guilds of each server were coming.

This guild, than a boat where the “War” guild was even more powerful, it had a total of five hundred members, and more than 20 are invited.

If it is not because of the other party in the 091 server, the servers couldn’t cross each other… so, “The first guild” reputation could not fall in the war.

Moreover, the rivers and lakes legend, this mysterious and powerful guild, all the members were young and rich second generation, the master himself was a young and rich representative.

Although it was only a legend, which sounds a bit like the second, but that didn’t  prevent the players from looking forward to these people.

It could be said that most of the female players who received the invitation, were directed to the members of the guild.

Lin Xinxin was no exception.

Li Haorui-to be honest, after comparing to with Su Yanbai, she almost no longer attracted him.

But she knew that she was not enough for Su Yanbai.

But she still decided to come to this party. Firstly, to make Yu Chu look ugly, Secondly, to show intimacy with Li Haorui in front of other female game players, no matter how one says, Li Haorui was still good.

As for the third reason, is to observe the other players. 

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