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100 Ways To Get The Male God Chapter 75

Arc 2.50: The Online Game God is Very Pure

Proofread by Lynn. 

Translated by Boo 

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After all, there was never any shortage of wealthy young people in a hugely popular game.

Lin Xinxin walked into the hall with  a big smile, a lot of the boys looked at her, there was a hidden appreciation for beauty.

Lin Xinxin of course was pretty/good-looking, otherwise, she wouldn’t be called the department flower at Tidu University.

She came from a good family, she grew up rich and was brought up like a star, the gaze of the crowd made her extremely happy. 

She enjoyed being envied by others and considered herself worthy of the best of everything.

Soon, other male players approached her/came up to her, Lin Xinxin told the other party her game ID, in exchange for the other person’s look of surprise and admiration.

“Hera’s Apple”, number one female player of “World War II”, her image in the game was very good, they did not expect in reality, she was also very beautiful.

The members of “World War II” quickly gathered, female players were all  pretty, the male players’ eyes were a little more curious, and started asking about Lin Xinxin’s real situation. 

Lin Xinxin “inadvertently” revealed that she was a  student from Tidu University.  Naturally, that started another wave of exclamation and praise. She smiled in response, her expression not at all complacent and was very kind.

The players had a better impression of her.

When Yu Chu arrived, he saw such a scene. Lin Xinxin was in the middle, surrounded by many male players, with a reserved and slightly contented smile on her face.

She took one look, then looked away.

God Su had an emergency, he would not be here until tomorrow, Don Mo followed the bellboy in with the luggage, so for the moment she was the only one in the hall.

This was a seaside city, coming out of the airport you  could feel the wind blowing in your face,  with a hint of a sea-like salty smell.

Yu Chu wanted to go out for a walk rather than staying in the hall where she knew only a few people. 

She pressed down the brim of her hat, did not walk forward to talk to others, and was ready to leave the hall.  But, she suddenly heard a soft female voice calling out to her from behind in surprise, “Chu Yu? You’re here too, what a coincidence…” 

Yu Chu with her back still facing the voice,  silently rolling eyes.

Unfortunately, I’m just here to find you, you’re still the same, what are you pretending for?

She turned around.

Since Lin Xinxin wanted to pretend to be kind, Yu Chu thought that her acting skills were no worse than her, so she also showed a white teeth and took off her hat, “Yeah, what a coincidence.”

She was clean, pretty, wearing a simple white dress, slender and tall, and looked very comfortable.  She was white, with fine eyes and eyebrows. She looked comfortable in a simple white dress, slim and tall.

Every man in the “World War II”  group were bright eyes, someone asked Lin Xinxin, “Apple, this is?”

Yu Chu obviously was not pretty, but attracted the attention of some people once she showed up, Lin Xinxin’s could not help but feel a little bit unhappiness in her heart.  Then, to hide her emotion, she lowered her eyes and smiled, “Everyone should know this, she is the forging master Meow Meow.”

As soon as the words were spoken, everyone was quiet. 

Even the people who were talking around them were startled and looked over in astonishment, everyone’s face was filled with curiosity and wonder, seemingly unfathomable. 

She is… Meow Meow?

There were many legends about this blacksmith. 

Of course, a large part of the attention came from the game’s mysterious top of game Diety, the “S”.

The cold God was full of jealousy and gold.

He was definitely the object of the girls’ desire.

It was just that no one had seen him.

This undoubtedly deepened the curiosity of people, everyone felt an itch in their hearts and lungs, and speculated the image of “S.”

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