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100 Ways To Get The Male God Chapter 76

Arc 2.51: The Online Game God is Very Pure

Proofread by Lynn. 

Translated by Boo 

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This party, no one thought S would come.

He never participated in any events, when he played on the line in the game, he did not turn on  the audio.

This created a lot of rumors.

For example, ugly, old, bad voice.

Some people insisted that he was handsome, others did not believe, and would use a variety of reasons to refute.

Everyone had their own opinions.

However, when the mystery of S almost became a legend, it was rumored that S had a girlfriend.  Unexpectedly, the game company held an offline party, she appeared.  

S’ girlfriend. 

This identity, more compelling than the name of the first blacksmith, attracted the interest of the game players.

Everyone was looking at Yu Chu,  trying to figure it out.

Someone moved and seemed to want to talk to her, but just at this point, a woman suddenly gasped and whispered excitedly, “Oh my god… It’s Li Haorui!”

At the door, the girls wearing qipao/cheongsam stood on both sides of the red carpet smiled and bowed.

A man was walking at leisure.

He walked very steadily with his head slightly lowered, unlike most people who would look, looking handsome and as natural as a noble.

The girls were excited.

Although Li Haorui was defeated by the S, but this was the real world, no one could deny that Li Haorui was the school’s prince, as well as his high-flying student label, this man was almost perfect.

He apparently also saw Yu Chu and Lin Xinxin at a glance, so he smiled and walked toward them.

Several girls in the World War group could not help but blush, all of them bashfully watched as he approached.

Lin Xinxin’s eyes flashed.

She had Li Haorui’s phone number and felt that she was close to him, and that the girls’ ambiguous attitude toward Li Haorui made her somewhat tempted to express her close relationship with him.

She took a few steps toward him, laughing, “Senior, you also come, I should have asked you, so we can go together.”

That was a very intimate phrase.

All the girls who heard that looked at her with envy.

Lin Xinxin was beautiful, also a student of Tidu University, and seemed to know Li Haorui very well. 

This kind of excellent condition, as well as her good relationship with Li Haorui, made all the girls envious. 

Li Haorui nodded politely, but looked at the apparent absent-minded girl next to him. 

He smiled, “Hi, Chu Chu.”

Yu Chu looked up at him.

This intimate greeting immediately made them look ambiguous to the surrounding people. The girls looked at each other, almost instinctively gossiping.

It looked like Li Haorui and Yu Chu obviously were very close. In the forum at the time, they feared it was also because she also had a good relationship with the two gods.

Although later, this matter was clarified unquestionably by God, Meow Meow was his girlfriend, and had nothing to do with Li Haorui. 

However, why S tied Li Haorui to a challenge on the platform was also a thought provoking question.

Since God was  jealous, didn’t that mean that there was something unusual between Li Haorui and Yu Chu/Meow Meow? 

… was it Li Haorui’s unilateral pursuit of Yu Chu/Meow Meow, so God was jealous?

However, if such an excellent handsome person with outstanding academic performance could not impress Yu Chu/meow meow, so Yu Chu’s/Meow meow’s boyfriend, he must not be worse than Li Haorui?

The people who were eating melons could not help getting excited. 

Meow’s here, what about S?

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