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100 Ways To Get The Male God Chapter 79

Arc 2.54: The Online Game God is Very Pure

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Translated by Boo 

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This mannerism, just like God Harvester.

“God, who is Meow Meow?”

“Yes, I’m really more and more curious about S God, so many high-quality handsome guys around her, but Meow Meow and S God are together, then S God is certainly not bad.”

“I think so…”

“But just who is that woman? I think she just said hello to the two gods but they didn’t respond.”

“I don’t know, but it feels so awkward.”

“It does…”


Listening to these remarks, Lin Xinxin almost broke her teeth.

Li Haorui was fine. But what was wrong with Don Mo, who had always been responsive ?

Since the call encouraged him to go to Yu Chu, he stopped actively contacting her.

Usually, Lin Xinxin would not think of him. But it had been such a long time since they had not met, the other party must miss her right, why did he appear like he was refusing to acknowledge her? 

It must be Yu Chu!

Lin Xinxin gnawed her teeth, but did not believe in this evil.

She had confidence, no matter what Yu Chu said, Don Mo could not easily give up on her.

Just add to the fire…

She bit her lips, lowered her head, expressing a somewhat lost and aggrieved attitude, “Amo… why do you ignore me? Did I… do something wrong?”

As she asked, she shyly raised her eyes and looked at Don Mo.

I’m sorry for the way I felt. Not to mention Don Mo, even the men around them swallowed their mouths and showed mercy.

Don Mo looked at her strangely.

He used to like Lin Xinxin.

But he did  not like pure appearance, but pure heart. Without such a heart, Lin Xinxin’s appearance would not have brought him any impact.

Like the first day, he was attracted by the girl’s gentle eyes when she fed the cat, not her beautiful body in a white dress or beautiful face.


Don Mo closed his lips, and was struck by another girl on the back.

She pushed the take-out van, which was bigger than her, gave him a hundred bucks with a smile, and then went into the scorching sun and into the crowd.

The back.

At another time. Standing under the threes in the school, a woman who had always been quiet was smiling at him, turned away and never returned.

The back.

Don Mo felt as if he had been blinded by something, because the scene of feeding the cat that day, he was always reluctant to believe that Lin Xinxin’s heart did not match her appearance.

But it was not until another strong emotion struck him, that all the irrationality was withdrawn from the practice.

He checked.

Without passionate feelings as the background, all the actions of Lin Xinxin were objectively judged…

He could not say, to believe her.

—Like her.

He did not speak, just quietly looking at the girl in front of him.

The girl’s face showed a trace of innocence confusion, timidly asked, “Amo, are you angry at me? Is it because… is it because…?”

She looked at Li Haorui with a glance, cramped and twisted the corner, biting her lips to stop talking.

Gossiping eyes had already casted over, a girl in the back whispered, “God and Hera’s Apple is a pair? Are you having  trouble?”

“Don’t you see that look at Hera’s Apple?

“Yeah, is it because Hera’s Apple close to a God?”

“It feels like…”

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