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100 Ways To Get The Male God Chapter 80

Arc 2.55: The Online Game God is Very Pure

Proofread by Lynn. 

Translated by Boo 

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Dong Mo listened to the whispered comments of the girls and quietly looked at the innocent looking girls in front of him. 

That face gradually overlapped with the memory of the young girl who fed the cat in the warm sunshine—

He clearly saw the girl lower her head, suppressing the slightly smug curve of her lips.

— And drifted away.

They were not alone. The girl who fed the cat was just a figment of his imagination. Because of that scene, he himself sketched a perfect girl image, and imprinted it on Lin Xinxin.

But Lin Xinxin was not so perfect.

He lowered his head, calmly said, “I was being abrupt and causing you a lot of trouble, but I figured it’s better to keep my distance between ordinary friends. I’ll keep an eye on it.”

Lin Xinxin’s hidden smile froze at the corners of her mouth and stared blankly at him. Yu Chu was also slightly appalled.

The young man turned his head and looked at Yu Chu, and when he saw that she looked surprised, he suddenly remembered that he had forced her to help him chase after Lin Xinxin. 

He turned his face and touched his nose without feeling guilty, and spoke in an odd way, “Hey… Don’t you want to go up and rest, I’ll call you later for dinner.”

Yu Chu, “…”

… To be honest, it was  more like the old little bastard. He was so sensible back there…

This was simply awesome.

It would be nice to be this handsome all the time, but he shouldn’t really be jealous of Li Haorui like Lin Xinxin thought.

Yu Chu appraised him up and down a few times, and seeing that the lad was doing well, she gave him a face and listened to him, nodding her head, “I’ll go up first.”

She turned to leave, and Don Mo, who remained, didn’t look at Lin Xinxin and Li Haorui anymore, and went straight to laughing and talking with the others, Lin Xinxin vaguely heard him say, “Oh, that’s my sister… Yes, my own sister… Of course, why else would I care about her.. Eh? No girlfriend, my sister won’t let me. Haha.”

He seemed natural.

There was no attachment, and no intention to do so.

He – It was true.

Lin Xinxin stood off to the side, her heart still filled with astonishment and some incredulity.

Li haorui’s gaze moved away from her, and without interest in conversation, he headed to another part of the crowd.

Lin Xinxin’s mind was a mess.

Don Mo, that was Don Mo. No matter what she did, Don Mo  would always put her first. 

How could he….

Lin Xinxin’s face was pale and she stood still as if she was a little … disoriented.


Yu Chu went back to her room to sleep and woke up almost at dinner time, She looked at the time and Don Mo just happened to come knocking at the door.

After opening the door, he glanced at Yu Chu and said coldly, “My brother in-law called, and you slept like a pig, so I helped you answer. He is almost there.”

Yu Chu, “…”

Not having time to reply to the little bastard, she raised an eyebrow in surprise, “He’s not arriving tomorrow?”

Don Mo shrugged and watched as the girl walked past him and headed downstairs. He closed the door smoothly, a smile on his lips, and couldn’t help but whisper, “He’s afraid his pig won’t have enough to eat.”


Yu Chu and Don Mo went downstairs together, but in the corridor, they saw two other people coming up to them from afar.

It was Lin Xinxin, and a young man.

Don Mo frowned.

Had not seen Lin Xinxin all afternoon, and it was always a bit strange to suddenly run into each other now.

When Yu Chu saw that Don Mo had no reaction, she didn’t say anything and prepared to pass by those two people.

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