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100 Ways To Get The Male God Chapter 82

Arc 2.57: The Online Game God is Very Pure

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Translated by Boo 

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Yu Chu looked at Lin Xinxin and calmly asked the young man, “How do you want me to apologize?”

The other party didn’t seem like a brainless person, she didn’t think he’d be a fool to come to trouble someone he had never met just because of his new girlfriend.

He had some other agenda.

A hint of surprise crossed the young man’s eyes, and then he smiled, “That’s refreshing. Then let me also say it frankly, I want, that forger account of yours.”

Lin Xinxin and Don Mo were shocked by what he said.

You want an account number?

This was clearly aimed at the Forger.

First, they asked if they wanted to join the club, and if they didn’t, they simply hit up the account.

To give him the account number. What should she do?

Either start from scratch or leave the game.

This man… was really bossy and tough.

Yu Chu slightly raised his eyebrows in amusement.

She reached up and hooked her hair behind her ear and asked quietly, “What do you do if I don’t give it to you?”

The other smiled indifferently, “I have plenty of ways to keep you from playing. Give me your account number, and I’ll pay a fortune. I believe you’re a smart girl.”

Hearing this, Lin Xinxin returned to her senses completely.

She bowed her head in stunned silence.

She thought she’d found someone who was willing to stand up for herself. But they didn’t care what she thought. She was just…a part of the equation to be used.

She thought she was charming to be able to conquer a good man so quickly. Judging from the other party’s attitude nowadays, she was afraid that he  was just changing women like clothes, and playing with the women sent to his door in passing….

Lin Xinxin’s lips trembled slightly and she lowered her head in disguise.

Don Mo looked at her, but didn’t say anything.

Yu Chu also didn’t open her mouth.

The young man was in no hurry, though, and held the waist of the woman in his arms and waited for a reply with good grace.

In the silence of the hallway, a ringing sound suddenly went off.

Yu Chu paused, took out her phone from her bag, pressed answer and put it to her ear, “Are you… here?”

“Well.” The young man’s voice was clear and somewhat diffident, “In the hall on the first floor hall. Which room are you in?”

He stopped, his tone a little soft and aggrieved, “I called you before I got off the plane to give you a surprise, and you fell asleep.”

Yu Chu paused, then deliberately yawned, “Sorry, not too tired, sleepy.”

“Sleepy?” The person who was just complaining was really diverted, “Then don’t come down, I’ll go see you in your room. What’s the room number?”

Yu Chu laughed, “No need, I’ve already left the room, I’ll be right down to meet you, wait a moment.”

There was an obedient answer, “Yes.”

Hanging up the phone, the young man across from Yu Chu had a smile on his face, “Boyfriend? S?”

Yu Chu looked at him, “I’ll go down and pick up the person first, how about I give you an answer later?”

But the young man laughed, “Why not together? I’m very curious about the widely famous S in the 085 suit.”

Yu Chu raised her eyebrows.

At this moment, it was clear that Don Mo’s attitude towards Lin Xinxin was such that she basically didn’t need to worry about it. Although Yu Chu was a bit surprised, this was always good.

There was no need to hide  S’s real identity from Lin Xinxin. Whether she was devastated or not, it had nothing to do with herself.

…Speaking of which, Feng Qing was so perfect in every way, what could she do….

It was frustrating, too.

That was Lord God after all….

Yu Chu silently spat in her heart, but on the surface she nodded her head, also seemingly smiling and calm, “Fine.  Then, let’s together.”

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