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100 Ways To Get The Male God Chapter 88

Arc 2.63: The Online Game God is Very Pure

Proofread by Lynn. 

Translated by Boo 

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(2nd Story) 

(Su Yanbai, Part Two)


《10th Sunny》

I met a girl today. I was here to deliver take-out.

It felt like she was strange…

What was so strange…

I didn’t recognize her…


Strange, why write about her.

《11th, Sunny》


Why keep thinking about her.


Apologize, not apologize.

Why should I apologize?



Laughed, as if not angry.


Still laughing.

《14th, semi-clear weather》

Did not like that kind of smile.

I don’t like it.

《15th, Rain》


Feeling angry.

Never been this angry before.

How can…

The game met.

I’m not too proud of myself…

《4th, clear (weather)》

The porridge was delicious…a virtuous person, I guess.

Sick, but not uncomfortable.

Not hard feelings at all.


《 20th, It’s sunny, no wind at night.》

Can’t sleep.

I’ve got a girlfriend…

She, likes, likes to kiss me.

I like it too…


《30th, clear weather, It’s a beautiful day.》

Happy to see.

Well, she kissed me again…

To start learning how to cook.

It was going to be delicious.


Li Haorui.


End of Arc 2

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