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CH-48 317… 317…

Looking at the scene in front of him, Junjie gasped loudly. 

Long You was suspended in the air and his eyes were again light blue. His hair had grown and was wildly spread, completely different from the usual military look. The air around him held a different majesty, much more distinguished than his military aura.

When Junjie turned around, Long You’s eyes glowed, and ‘Crack!’- the sound of his shirt’s tearing resounded. Two huge dark blue wings protruded out of his back and spread majestically in the air behind him. 

Not just this, soon, dark blue scales started to emerge on different visible areas of his skin. Beautifully, they criss-crossed all over Long You’s neck, arms, cheeks, presenting a thrilling contrast.

Fang Junjie was frozen in place as he took in the exciting view. All the thoughts in his mind had been wiped away, as if he had lost his ability to think. However, rather than getting wary of the possible danger from the person in front of him, Junjie felt a certain intimate emotion budding in his chest. Motionless, he could only keep looking at the man in front of him, as if he had been paralysed.

Gradually, air seemed to get thinner around him as his breaths steadily increased. Fang Junjie did not know what was happening, but a crave was forming in his heart, mind, and body to just go there and hug Long You. 

However, he stayed motionless, not letting any of the urges take over his thoughts. This was very mysterious.

A few seconds later, Long You retracted the wings and the scales also soon vanished back into his skin.

“I knew you would doubt me first; anyone would.” Long You spoke.

Casually, he tore off the shirt he was wearing, revealing his ripping muscles. In front of Junjie’s widened eyes, a brand new shirt made out of his skin soon formed in its place. He looked the same as ever, as if nothing ever happened at this place. 

“Junjie, did you feel your heart screaming to come closer to me? Did you feel a certain call in the depth of your mind, telling you to become one with me?” Long You finally spoke.

Fang Junjie kept a poker face, he did not want to reply.

“I know you must have felt it. It is the mate bond, telling you that we are destined.” Long You spoke with a bit of hope in his heart.

Fang Junjie neither agreed nor denied. 

“So, when did you first find me?” He asked another question again.

“When you were 6 years old.” Long You spoke with difficulty. He was sweating because not once did Fang Junjie show any reaction to his words.

“How did you find me? And what were you doing then?”

“I saw your glimpse once in the estrus. It’s a mating urge in every adult dragon to get united with their mates, or to at least be near them if they are too young. I remembered your face, and co-incidentally, I know sketching. And, have you heard of General Long?”

Fang Junjie’s eyes widened, “General Long?! He was the person who financed our orphanage. He died 5 years ago in a military accident-”

“That’s me.”

Without giving any chance to the shocked Junjie to say anything, Long You continued.

“I faked my death so that I could once again interact with you in the age group similar to you. And this much time was necessary for me to again get promoted to become a Major General from the grassroots level.”


“Don’t worry, we dragons do this every time so that we could live in this society despite our long lifespans. We always change roles and places once a certain time is up.”

“That’s not what I mean”, Junjie was inflamed, “Are you out of your mind? General Long was the top general in the country. There were possibilities of the entire country being vulnerable to foreign attacks if the highest position of the army was absent to guide them. How the hell can you just leave a military role as you wish? This is a very irresponsible-”

“Nothing happened to the country, right? Don’t worry, I am not a careless person Junjie. I had already made arrangements.” 

Since Junjie was finally starting to talk to him, Long You looked at him with hope in his eyes. 

‘Would Junjie forgive me?’

But he was disappointed as Junjie stopped their eye-contact.

Fang Junjie carefully analyzed all the answers, looking for possible loopholes. He was not going to go soft on anyone. 

Love is in one place, and trust is in the other. A relationship only worked in a balance of these two. He had never forgotten the horrifying way in which the relationship of his parents broke, and the painful consequences. 

So trust a very sensitive topic for him.

“So, how old are you?” Junjie spoke.




“F*ck!” Fang Junjie was dumbfounded.

“Listen to me, Junjie. Dragons can live up to 1500 years at times. Compared to that, I would barely be 20 in human age. Please give me a chance.”

Fang Junjie was still bewildered as he walked a few steps away from Long You. 

‘317… 317…’ echoed in his mind.

Long You’s heart started to ache as he saw Junjie’s reaction. He knew this would happen. 

“Please listen to me-”

“Long You”, Fang Junjie’s voice was low, “I need some time to think about it.”

Long You could only nod and watch Fang Junjie disappear into the building. He quietly stood alone at the same place for a long time.

Ring Ring!

Long You’s phone chimed. He stood by the cement railing- the same place Junjie had stood, and looked down at the bustling streets. 

‘Jiao Jiao’, his phone read.

He picked up the phone and heard noises on the other side of the phone.

“Hello, Big Brother!” Long Jiao’s active voice spoke from the other side.

“Hmm” Long You’s voice was deep. 

Long Jiao did not notice anything as he continued speaking.

“Sister and I tried to contact Lei ge-ge but we couldn’t reach him. Sister said that she heard Mom and dad say that Lei ge-ge had gone to the bottom of the sea to find energy treasures so that he could reach his mate. He said he won’t spend a long time inside before going there, so we don’t exactly know when he will come back.”

“Hmm, okay. Good work”, Long You acknowledged his siblings’ efforts.

Sure enough, the young boy got happy.

“*giggle* When will you come back brother? Sister is in an online meeting for two hours and I am bored.” 

“I’m coming back. Will reach there soon.”

After hanging up the phone, Long You stood in the same place for a few minutes and then disappeared. 

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