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5 Big Shots Kneeled and Called Me Mom – Chapter 1.1

Translated by Yue [@kokoroshin] at foxaholic.com

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Chapter 1.1 – It’s Been 25 Years

“I slept for 25 years?”

When Gu Yuan heard these words, her eyelashes lightly blink. The black and white clear eyes looked lost. She’s unable to comprehend Doctor Chen who was standing in front of her.

At the age of 18, she contracted a rarely seen terminal disease. Without any other choice, she cut short her studies to concentrate on her treatment. After going through 2 years of treatment, her lead doctor requested to perform the final surgery on her.

The success rate of this surgery was only 0.5% with only 2 final possibilities, fail or success. If she succeeded, she will be able to overcome this disease else she will die.  

The awoken Gu Yuan thought her surgery was a success but unexpectedly heard this kind of news.

She tilted her head and looked at the young doctor standing in front of her.

The doctor’s surname was Chen, 50 years old. He said he was the disciple of Dr.Luo.

Dr. Luo was only 28 years old yet he already had a 50 years old disciple that place under him? 

She felt like she just had a short sleep but 25 years had already passed. The world had changed so much that it was difficult for anyone to accept. 

“Yes.” Although Dr. Chen sounds calm and collected due to his professionalism, his tightly held clenched fist betrayed his excitement.

A patient who was frozen for 25 years due to a failed surgery survived.

What were these? The miracle of life? A historical moment in medical history? Dr. Chen thought himself as witnessing a moment that was sufficient to be recorded into the annals of history. His clenched fist trembled.

“Can you bring me a mirror?” After contemplating for a period, Gu Yuan finally raised a request.

“Mirror?” Dr. Chen quickly responded and asked a nurse to bring a mirror over.

Gu Yuan looked into the mirror for more than half a day. She even opened and closed her mouth, blinked her eyes then moved her head left and right to confirm that the person inside the mirror is really her.

A face with a slight of baby fat, milky white skin, soft and tender at first glance, no signs of skin sagging, eyes are clear and water with no trace of crow’s feet at the corner of the eyes.

(TN: The crow’s feet here refer to wrinkle)

She was the little beauty that had been praised by everyone since young. At 17, she was admitted into the film school. Unfortunately, her studies were interrupted by her terminal disease right after only a year of schooling.

After accepting the news that made her dazed and hard to digest. Gu Yuan felt so much better after seeing that she still looked as youthful as the last time she saw herself.

“So…Dr. Chen was born in 19xx?”

“Yes.” Dr. Chen, of course, understands that to wake up after 25 years had passed

was a difficult thing for anyone to accept. So he carefully tried to help her establish the concept of time. “I was born in the year 19xx. The year you had your last operation, I was 25 years old, 5 years older than you. At that time, I was still a medical student.”

“I understand.”

Gu Yuan mumbled softly, her heart still had some indescribable feeling.

Someone who was older than her by 5 years and can be considered as her peer is now 50 years old and can fit to be her father. Then, what was she? Time traveller? Rebirth? Forever young?

Dr. Chen felt relieved after he saw Gu Yuan so fast accepted this fact. Immediately afterwards, he told Gu Yuan some of the details of the surgery she had in that year and the precautions she needs to follow.

It turned out that Dr. Luo was the one that helped her to perform that life and death surgery. After the surgery progress tilled 75%, he found abnormal conditions that will lead to the surgery into failure. Dr. Luo then immediately made a decision to carry out the previously arranged alternative plans. The plan was to put her body into a deep-freeze state. To freeze all her cells in a healthy state. This type of freezing was different from the normal freezing as this can still keep her body cells alive.

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