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5 Big Shots Kneeled and Called Me Mom – Chapter 1.2

Translated by Yue [@kokoroshin] at foxaholic.com

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Chapter 1.2 – It’s Been 25 Years

As long as there’s a day when Dr. Luo manages to overcome the abnormal conditions, he can still perform another surgery on Gu Yuan.

The medical advanced rapidly in the 25 years. Dr. Luo also managed to perform several treatments on the frozen Gu Yuan and finally helped her to overcome her disease. Her body is now completely healthy.

“Actually 13 years ago, you had already recovered. However, we don’t know what happened as your body cell continued to sleep even after we took you out from your deep-freeze state. We were unable to do any other things except to help your body to carry out its basic functions. We never thought you would suddenly wake up after so many years.”

Over the years, the world has changed a lot. The former Dr. Luo who treated her 25 years ago, is now a renowned leading expert in his medical field.

Gu Yuan listened to Dr. Chen’s stories on various popular science findings and accepted the counsel by the psychologist that was found by Dr. Chen. She then slowly accepted this reality.

“I….Can I leave this place now?” Gu Yuan also accepted a full body examination and everything seems to be good. Her body is now very healthy.

Looking out of the window, the sky was high cloudless. She wanted to go out.

She’s been inside this institute since she was 18 years old and she had been isolated from the outside world for far too long.

“Of course you can.” Dr. Chen hurriedly said: ”But do you want to wait for Professor Luo? Professor Luo was currently holding a very important seminar overseas. Therefore he was unable to be here right now but he’ll be back in a few days. After he knew you woke up, he’s very excited and he also wished to see you.”

When Dr. Chen mentioned this, he seemed to hesitate a bit and looked at her strangely.

Gu Yuan did not notice his strangeness and continued to immersed in her own thinking.

In her memory, Professor Luo was 28 years old, a talented young doctor in the medical field. At 28 years old, he was already her lead doctor in charge of curing the world’s difficult and rare disease that she had.

The Professor Luo in Gu Yuan’s memory was elegant and graceful, cultured and refined, dressed in a white coat and the whole body exudes an aura that belongs to an outstanding person.

Perhaps it was the subconscious dependency on the doctor in charge after becoming a patient. She really liked Professor Luo. 

Especially after she found out about Chen Ran betrayals and deceits. In her despair, she even pinned all her hopes on Professor Luo.

Now, the elegant and graceful, cultured and refined, Professor Luo is already 53 years old? Is now an old man?

Gu Yuan wrinkled her nose, “…….In the future, we can meet again when there’s a chance. Now, I wish to return home.”

Things were still the same but the people have changed. It’s better to retain the beautiful memories.


Gu Yuan very quickly completed her discharged procedures. In the overwhelming of the institute’s doctors and nurses, she pushed her small suitcase and followed the kind Dr. Chen to the airport.

In the suitcase, there was some simple clothing and items that were prepared for her by Dr. Chen. He also gave her back her ID as well as the cash from her purse before her surgery.

After Dr. Chen sent her to the airport, he reiterated again, “Remember to come back on time for your routine physical examination.”

Gu Yuan naturally promised him and waved at him gratefully.to bid her farewell.

But Dr. Chen seemed to want to say something but hesitated.

Gu Yuan halted her steps, “Dr. Chen, is there anything else that you want to tell me?”

Dr. Chen finally made up his mind, “Do you still remember the 5 ova that you freeze over?”

Gu Yuan stumped for a moment, then she remembered them.

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