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5 Big Shots Kneeled and Called Me Mom – Chapter 1.3

Translated by Yue [@kokoroshin] at foxaholic.com

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Chapter 1.3 – It’s Been 25 Years

During her treatment, she was found to possess a rare powerful gene. In the words of the professionals, it was a genius gene. If this rare gene disappeared, it would be a loss to humankind. So after the doctors discussed with her, she agreed to remove 5 ova from her body.

Gu Yuan suddenly had a bad premonition, her black and white clear distinct eyes looked at Dr. Chen. Her eyes blinked and she carefully asked: “Then?”

Dr. Chen looked at her seriously and replied, “That 5 ova had already turned into life forms.”

Gu Yuan’s eyes instantly widened.

This was a feeling that she was unable to voice out, just like having someone told her ‘Your 5 eggs have hatched.’

Dr. Chen: “That 5 ova had turned into life forms, 5…..”

Dr. Chen contemplating on how to continue: “5 sons. The eldest among them is already 24 years old.”

Gu Yuan: “………………”

Dr. Chen looked at her seriously: “Miss Gu, if you want, I have some clues here with me.”

Gu Yuan quickly shook her head and waved again: “No, no, no. Let’s forget it.”

Even though she’s already 45 years old, she still felt she was that 18 years old beautiful girl who suffered from a terminal disease and just entered into the institute with the hope. She’s unable to accept that there’s someone who helped her hatch out a 24 years old convenient son!!

When Dr. Chen wanted to say more, Gu Yuan had turned around and pulled her suitcase along, practically fleeing from him.

After walking far away, Gu Yuan was still unable to calm down her heart.

She’s not married and she didn’t have a harmonious life yet, but unexpectedly she now had 5 sons? The eldest is already 24 years old?

It was unimaginable.

Gu Yuan took a deep breath to try and calm herself down. She decided not to continue to dwell in it since it was only 5 ova. She also never saw them before, so it had nothing to do with her.

Yes, it had nothing to do with her!

After trying so hard to convince herself, she finally has the mood to look around the airport.

It really had to be said that, the changes in these 25 years were really big. Gu Yuan looked around this airport that was built very magnificently and filled with the smell of the future. Afterward, she followed the stream of people to prepare and check-in.

A staff member looked at her at a glance: “This is your own ID?”

Gu Yuan hurriedly said: “Yes.”

It was Dr. Chen who helped her to apply for this new ID recently. He said nowadays IDs were already upgraded and can be used to directly check-in to train stations and airports. Gu Yuan felt that this was very magical. The ID in her memory belongs to the outdated era when it was checkered twill and laminated in plastic.

The staff member frowned, and looked at Gu Yuan up and down: “You’re 45 years old this year?”

Gu Yuan hesitated awhile then nodded her head: “Yes, I’m 45 years old already.”

The staff member checked once again, according to the face verification based on the ID’s photo, there is no problem. She didn’t say anything more and let Gu Yuan pass.

The people who lined up behind Gu Yuan naturally heard what she said, and they all looked at her 1 after another.

The young girl had some baby fat, looked lovable and charming. Her skin was milky, smooth and tender, it looked delicate. Her eyes were big and bright. No matter how they looked at her, she still looked like a pure young and inexperienced lady. How can she be 45 years old? Is that a lie?

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