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5 Big Shots Kneeled and Called Me Mom – Chapter 10.2

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Chapter 10.2 – No Blood On Soldiers’ Swords

sunshine2%fun: “It’s time for the Capital Film Academy to go and book an appointment with ophthalmology. What kind of Film Academy that allows an ugly person to enter?!!! Please look in the mirror before you come out of the house, ugly!! ”

Today is still the day to think about Qianqian: “Anyone has a photo of that ugly girl? I’m curious how ugly the girl real face look like that she even managed to frighten my Qian-gege

Bobow: “Ugly-girl real face photo +1”

Your hair has messed up: “Ugly-girl real face photo +10086”

Along with these crazy hot search topics, one of the topics that had risen instantly was unexpectedly “Ugly-girl frightened Lu Zhiqian until he fainted.”

Ji Qisen calmly looked through all these posts and then he glanced at the young mother who was jumping up and down with anger: “How do you want to handle it?”

Gu Yuan shouted angrily: “I want to beat that Lu Zhiqian to death!”

Ji Qisen: “In modern society, to murder someone is illegal.”

Gu Yuan looked at Ji Qisen full of anger.

How could there be such a son? Did he really think that she wanted to go look for that Lu Zhiqian and beat him up? Those were just words she said in anger. Meaningless words that were spoken to blow off her anger. However, this son of her unexpectedly said that to murder someone was illegal? 

“You…..you….” Gu Yuan’s moist eyes stared at her convenient son and unable to utter another word out.

When Gu Yuan pointed at Ji Qisen in anger, Ji Qisen calmly took the phone and opened the WeChat. His finger flexibly swiped on the phone and after sending out a message, he said: “It is dinner time now, let’s eat first.”

When Gu Yuan heard this, all her anger suddenly disappeared.

The skill of her son’s chef was very good and today breakfast was very delicious.

She pursed her lips tightly. When she wanted to ask what they would be having for dinner, she suddenly stopped when she thought about how angry she was earlier. If she was to ask now, they would think that she changed too fast. In the end, she decided to hold on for a moment as she must keep calm and collected.

However, at this time, she heard Ji Qisen lightly say: “Dinner will be lobster soup, panna cotta and dark chocolate foie gras.”

[TN: where’s the main course?]

Three shiny stars suddenly appeared in Gu Yuan’s eyes: “I want to eat!”

Ji Qisen said again: “There is not much.”

After he finished talking, he walked towards the dining area.

At this moment, Gu Yuan had completely stopped thinking about the mobile phone and quickly followed her son’s footsteps.

Not much…..she believed in what her son just said. These kinds of top-class food, the chef would not prepare a lot of them. It would be bad if she was late by a step and everything was finished by her son!

Must snatch with her son!


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