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5 Big Shots Kneeled and Called Me Mom – Chapter 10.3

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Chapter 10.3 – No Blood On Soldiers’ Swords

Ji Qisen’s chef was originally the head chef of a Michelin restaurant and he was bought over by Ji Zhentian at a high price. However, Ji Qisen was not a foodie. Therefore, the former Michelin restaurant chef always lamented his bitter fate of ‘a hero that had no chance to show his might’ as he was merely obsessed with the high salary offered by the Ji Family.

All this while, he had been struggling between realizing his ambition as a chef and receiving a high salary. With deep difficulty, he managed to survive till the arrival of Gu Yuan who unexpectedly loved to eat the food that he cooked and she even seemed to enjoy them. The former Michelin restaurant chef suddenly rose up vigorously and devoted all his energy into making fine quality food for Gu Yuan to eat.

Gu Yuan ate heartily and in her satisfied eyes, it emitted the sparkles like those of the stars at night.  

In the evening at Ji Family living room, all the curtains had been drawn back to allow sunshine to pass through the elegant diamond lattice windows. The gentle sunshine that came through gave the cool and luxurious living room a light orange colour.

Ji Qisen sat on the red mahogany chair and looked at the young mother who was lying lazily on the sofa. For the first time in his life, he suddenly felt that the atmosphere in the living room was different.

What has changed?

Is this the atmosphere of a family?

Ji Qisen lowered his eyes and looked at the screen of his tablet. There was a response plan that was mapped out by the public relation department.

As a long-established company in the business world and ranked among the top 10 in the world of tycoons, AK naturally had its own professional public relation team. Once its public relation took action, all news about Lu Zhiqian disappeared without a trace.

Ji Qisen coldly scanned through Lu Zhiqian’s personal profile. When he saw the words “girlfriend terminally ill” and “never abandon”, a hint of coldness appeared in his eyes.

He knew that during these 25 years when Gu Yuan was in deep sleep, there were a lot of people who visited her beside him. But among all those people, none was this ex-boyfriend. 

In actual fact, even before Gu Yuan went into deep sleep completely, this ex-boyfriend who was supposed to never abandon his girlfriend had already hooked up with another girl, the daughter of a director. However, this director failed to provide him with any resources afterwards.

“How do you want to handle it?” Ji Qisen suddenly said.

“What?” Gu Yuan, who was squinting her eyes and basking in the sunset comfortably suddenly froze and replied in a daze.

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