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5 Big Shots Kneeled and Called Me Mom – Chapter 10.4

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Chapter 10.4 – No Blood On Soldiers’ Swords

“Lu Zhiqian.” Ji Qisen concisely pronounced the name.

“Ah….he ah——” Gu Yuan stretched out her reply.

Actually, she was very angry earlier. But after she ate till her heart was content and satisfied, she had already stopped being angry. What was the use of being angry? Anyway, she still got to enjoy delicious food, enjoyed the support of her filial son and had delicate and youthful skin.

Moreover, the person who fainted was not her.

“Just let him be!” Gu Yuan felt that those things had nothing to do with her.

“You——” Ji Qisen’s expression sank slightly.

“Ah? What’s the matter?” As she was currently living under others roof, she dare not do anything out of line. As of now, she already felt that there was something not right with her son’s expression

What did it mean? Did he not want to support his ‘old mother’ anymore?

“Who was it that said they wanted to beat Lu Zhiqian to death!” Ji Qisen reminded her.

“But you said it was illegal!” Gu Yuan spread out her hands helplessly.

“You can’t beat him to death. However, you can make his life hard.” Ji Qisen continued.

“Ooo…..” Gu Yuan pondered carefully and said after a moment: “Then, beat him until he is admitted into the hospital again?”

“In a society governed by the law, we should use legal means.” Ji Qisen lightly tapped his fingers onto the armrest.

“Oh….” Gu Yuan thought deeply: “Then we can——”

She looked at Ji Qisen expectantly with lights in her eyes.

A satisfied look appeared from the depth of Ji Qisen’s eyes.

It seems like his mother was still very smart. With a little bit of hint, she already understood everything.

Gu Yuan clenched her fists and loudly said: “We can scold him. Scold until he died!”

[TN: Hahahaha. The so-called genius gene in her body is totally not working at all.]

At that moment, Ji Qisen’s fingers that were tapping on the armrest of the mahogany chair suddenly stopped. 

After a long time, he looked at his own mother and said earnestly: “Mom, to handle such people, we have better means”

Gu Yuan stared at her convenient son with wide eyes.

Her convenient son’s perfect lips opened and spitted out four words: “No Blood on Soldiers’ Swords.

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