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5 Big Shots Kneeled and Called Me Mom – Chapter 11.1

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Chapter 11.1 – Go Into Battle to Tear The Scumbag

No blood on soldiers’ swords?

These four words kept echoing inside Gu Yuan’s head. When her convenient son said those words out, he was confident and domineering.

Gu Yuan straightened up from the comfortable sofa and shamelessly asked her son: “How to have ‘no blood on soldiers’ swords?”

Ji Qisen beckons: “Come here.”

Gu Yuan hurriedly got up and ran over to her son’s side.

Ji Qisen on his tablet: “Look here.”

Gu Yuan lowered her head to look over. Once she looked, she was surprised.

It turned out that this was a screenshot of a Weibo post that posted an explosive allegation on Lu Zhiqian’s sinister behaviour. It vividly described how Lu Zhiqian was in a nightclub with a woman on a certain day of a certain month in a year. It was even attached with a picture that showed how Lu Zhiqian was being perverted towards the schoolgirl.

Gu Yuan curiously took the tablet to have a closer look. She enlarged the photo and looked at it closely: “Was this him?”

Ji Qisen had an unreadable expression: “Yes or no, was it important?”

Gu Yuan was stunned for a while. Afterwards, she happily slapped the arm of the chair: “Right! It doesn’t matter if it was him or not. Smeared him first then only say!”

With that being said, she happily held onto the table and start to read the comments below it with interest.

Once this post was posted, the comment section immediately exploded. In a flash, it was forwarded tens of thousands of times and commented by tens of thousands of people. Some questions it, some was suspicious while others tried to analyze it. All the internet celebrity started to come out one after another.

Gu Yuan was all smiled watching everything as it unfolds. She gave Ji Qisen a live broadcast on everything that she saw.

“Qisen, you see, this internet celebrity has more than one million followers. He laughed at Lu Zhiqian and said that this matter was basically a done deal.”

“Qisen, Qisen, someone from the industry made another allegation and said Lu Zhiqian’s private life was a mess.”

“Wa, there was even someone who mentioned about me. He said I was a blessing in disguise!”

Gu Yuan’s finger nimbly swiped the tablet. When she saw someone who scolds Lu Zhiqian, she would laugh and praised that person to have good taste. When she saw someone who speaks up for Lu Zhiqian, she would gnash her teeth and said: “This was definitely a primary school kid. Why didn’t her mother manage her properly? How could she let such a young child immerse in idols chasing?”

After a moment, she sighed again: “This few internet celebrities were not bad. The way they scold Lu Zhiqian was full of rhythm and tempo!”

In the next moment, she became surprised: “Wa, someone had already begun to analyze the incident where Lu Zhiqian fainted. Someone said that Lu Zhiqian misused drugs. Another said that he had exercised during the day and that had caused him to faint due to low vitality! There was even someone who analyzed his working timetable for the past few months!”

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