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5 Big Shots Kneeled and Called Me Mom – Chapter 11.2

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Chapter 11.2 – Go Into Battle to Tear The Scumbag

After a moment, she shouted again: “Qisen, Qisen, you faster come and see! There’s solid proof! There’s a solid proof that he is promiscuous!”

Ji Qisen raised his eyebrows: “You are now——very familiar with Weibo?”

Being familiar was considered as the polite way of saying it.

Why did he felt that she was currently very familiar with Weibo broadcasting and she only need to roll up her sleeves to look like a professional?

Gu Yuan: “Still okay, I’m just learning as I’m using it. I have to learn faster so that I could keep up to date with the current trend——look, another internet celebrity came out!!”

When she spoke until here, Gu Yuan already unable to entertain Ji Qisen. She looked at all the comments that scolded Lu Zhiqian with great pleasures. She even clapped her hands from time to time. Sometimes she even praised them and other times she showed her righteous indignation.

Ji Qisen’s eyebrows twitched. He got up and went up the stairs.

Right when he walked up the corner of the stairs, he turned around and looked at the young mother in the living room. She was holding the tablet and most of her body had already nestled on the sofa. She focused on the tablet and was filled with excitement while looking at it. Even when he left also she didn’t notice it.

A slight smile appeared on Ji Qisen’s stern face. Looking out of the window, the sky was getting dark and the lights on the lawn outside lit up. In the middle of this hazy night, it seemed to be especially warm.

He shook his head slightly and continue going up the stairs.

After pressing a button, he commanded lightly: “Bring over the new phone tonight.”


Ji Qisen’s work was very busy.

As AK’s President, although he had already flattened the organization structure as much as possible since he took over AK, and distribute out all the tasks to several Vice Presidents to be handled according to its importance and at the same time, he had also set up a very strong Assistant Group but in the end, he was still the helm of AK Group. Therefore, he was still as busy as ever. 

[TN: He created a structure where he could easily delegate his works to other people to handle.]

After he reached the study on the third floor, he began to deal with his official business and had a brief meeting with his subordinates.

Today meeting was no different from usual but when he speaks, occasionally he saw a few of his capable Vice Presidents looked at him weirdly.

His eyes twitched as he looked over. From across the screen, he could see several of his Vice Presidents hurriedly avoided his gaze.

He suddenly understood.

Last time when they were having a video conference, Gu Yuan suddenly broke in. His subordinates in the conference should have heard Gu Yuan’s voice. With his past temperament, he had unexpectedly lent his phone to someone else. On top of that, it was even a young girl who could call his name directly. This was naturally enough to cause an uproar and made his subordinates’ imagination run wild.

He obviously also understood that Butler Sima and Chen-shen had also started to made assumptions.

[TN: In the earlier chapter, Author called her Sun-shen, now suddenly her name was changed. Not sure if it was a typo or Author forgotten her original name XD]

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