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5 Big Shots Kneeled and Called Me Mom – Chapter 11.3

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Chapter 11.3 – Go Into Battle to Tear The Scumbag

He didn’t deliberately try to conceal it nor did he shy away from calling her mother in front of others. However, it seemed like everyone had misunderstood.

His subordinates in this video conference were all seasoned veteran. They knew that their curiosities would not give them any answers. So in the end, each of every one of them chooses to ignore this topic and concentrate on their work discussion.

After the meeting ended, Ji Qisen stopped the video conference and started to check the news on Weibo.

In actuality, he rarely looked at Weibo. This kind of ‘noisy’ place was like another world to him. Majority of his understanding of Weibo was actually from the analysis of current trend summary that was compiled by his assistant.

However, when he thought of Gu Yuan’s face that was filled with excitement while she was looking at the Weibo, he also opened his Weibo for a look.

Once AK’s PR took action, its effect would be like the sound of thunder. After the first wave to blackened his name exploded on the internet, there was already an analysis as follow-up with this rhythm. The hot search of ‘Lu Zhiqian was frightened by ugly-girl’ had long disappeared and was replaced by ‘Lu Zhiqian, harassed x’, was steadily rising and directly climbed to the #1 hot search position.

After Ji Qisen clicked open the hot search and read a few of the posts, all those posts also expressed their shocked, sadness and disappointment. Some even said that today was comparable to the end of the world.

When Ji Qisen saw those kinds of words, he suddenly agreed with what Gu Yuan said. Why didn’t your mother manage you?

[TN: In Chinese society, when a kid behaving badly or did anything wrong, it was the parents who will be scolded by the surrounding people for failing to teach/discipline/manage/look after their kids.]

Among all the posts, there was one lengthy analysis that was being forwarded like crazy. Ji Qisen clicked on it and saw the things written in the article was sensible and reasonable. After seriously analyze the reason for Lu Zhiqian fainted in the hall, the article finally maintained that the reason for him to faint was because of illegal drugs consumption. It had nothing to do with the innocent girl on the spot. She was very pitiful.

Below it, various internet celebrities had forwarded and praised this article.

Ji Qisen sword-like eyebrows moved slightly. He took a screenshot and forward to his assistant: “The author of this lengthy article is called ‘Little Rabbit Wants to Eat Grass’. It is important to praise and reward her. ”

Afterwards, Ji Qisen closed his Weibo and opened his financial industry analysis report. After all, Lu Zhiqian still had some influence in the entertainment industry. Under such circumstances, other well-known artists were also implicated. There was even some who claimed that everyone in the entertainment circle was equally as bad as Lu Zhiqian. For a short while, the entertainment circle was shaken by it. According to the various analysis by financial professionals,  it was predicted that the stocks for movies and television media would be green.

Right at this moment, he heard a sound that indicated there’s a new message from his WeChat. It was from an old man who had worked for a very long in time AK, Sun Qishan. In those days, he had fought alongside Ji Zhentian. Even if Ji Qisen had a cold temperament, he also had to call him Sun-shushu.

“Qisen, your dad contacted me two days ago and asked about the company situation. I told him everything is good.”


“Qisen, your dad is getting older already and his mood had also changed. He also said that it is time for you to have a girlfriend.”

Sun Qishan deliberately conceal the fact that in those days Ji Zhentian had a beauty queen as his girlfriend.  


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