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5 Big Shots Kneeled and Called Me Mom – Chapter 11.4

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Chapter 11.4 – Go Into Battle to Tear The Scumbag

After he sent out two ‘oh’, Sun Qishan on the opposite side didn’t reply for a very long time. Then he finally sent out four words: “Qisen, are you busy.”

When Ji Qisen saw those four words, he replied base on courtesy as the one from the younger generation: “Okay.”

Sun Qishan on the opposite side: “…………………”

After sending away the company elder with three words, Ji Qisen looked at his mobile phone and remembered the phone that he asked someone to sent over to Gu Yuan.

In her era, she should have been exposed to desktop computers but she had never even use a tablet before, would she know how to use it?

Ji Qisen thought for a while and planned to get up to go downstairs but who knew that right at this moment, his mobile phone WeChat popped out a notification for adding friends.

He didn’t care about it and planned to close it.

However, right at the moment when he wanted to close it, he saw a message from the top: “I am your mother!”

Ji Qisen: “…………….”

After a moment of silence, he looked at the WeChat carefully and saw that it had the system default display picture and the nickname was “Yuanyuan Wants To Eat Grass”.

Ji Qisen suddenly became aware of something and approved the application.

After the approval, messages came one after another.

“Qisen, I’m your mom! Thank you for the mobile phone! It’s so nice to have a son!”

“Qisen, I had also applied for a WeChat account. In the future, it would be more convenient to chat with you. We can communicate frequently to enhance our relationship!”

“I also planned to look for my Penguin’s number from twenty-five years ago. Mom’s Penguin’s number back then was a five-digit number!”

[Penguin – QQ – Tencent QQ, also known as QQ, is an instant messaging software service and web portal developed by the Chinese tech giant Tencent. QQ offers services that provide online social games, music, shopping, microblogging, movies, and group and voice chat software.]

Ji Qisen thought for a while and finally slowly replied: “Mom, you so fast already knew how to use WeChat.”

On the WeChat, “Yuanyuan Wants To Eat Grass” sent a message: “Of course. I had also registered on Weibo and sent a lengthy post to that black-hearted Lu Zhiqian!”

“What is your Weibo’s username?” Ji Qisen suddenly realized something.

“Little Rabbit Wants to Eat Grass!”

The domineering and mighty Ji Qisen who didn’t speak much immediately was almost choked by his own saliva.

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