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5 Big Shots Kneeled and Called Me Mom – Chapter 2.1

Translated by Yue [@kokoroshin] at foxaholic.com

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Chapter 2.1 – I Am Your Son

Gu Yuan looked at the woman in her forties that stood in front of her in surprise. There were very obvious crow’s feet, some dark spots that cannot be covered by the thick layer of foundation, sagging skin as well as the very obvious laugh lines that cannot be hidden.

[TN: crow’s feet – wrinkle at the side of the eyes.]

Through the traces left by these years, she was still able to recognize the younger sister that was younger than her by 3 months.

Gu Yuan’s mother died when she was 12 years old. At that time, her father remarried again and her stepmother brought along a daughter that became her younger sister. Both their ages were separated by a few months, so they attended the same class in the same school. After being together for a few months, there were a lot of fights. Therefore, Gu Yuan’s waipo appeared and took Gu Yuan away to take care of her personally. After that only things finally settled down.

[TN: waipo – maternal grandmother]

Later, Gu Yuan had a terminal disease, waipo also passed away, and the money left by waipo to treat her illness was also “borrowed” by her stepmother to be used as this younger sister’s expenses when studying abroad. 

These matters, Gu Yuan had always kept them in mind. Whenever she thought about it, she felt very angry, wishing she could just rush over and beat up the fat Gu Yue.

But maybe the world had changed too much upon her waking up or maybe looking at the Gu Yue who had stepped into middle age, her heart actually felt amazed. She curiously looked at Gu Yue up and down: “Gu Yue, is that you? I’m your Jiejie, Gu Yuan. It’s been many years since we last met.”

[TN: Jiejie – older sister]

Gu Yue’s mouth was wide open, not a word came out from her mouth.

Her daughter, Peng Zihan, standing at the side and looked at Gu Yuan as if she’s looking at a mental case: “Who are you? Is there something wrong with you?”

Gu Yuan looked at Gu Yue’s daughter: “You’re called Zihan? I am your Yiyi, your mother’s Jiejie. Zihan, when talking to elders you need to be polite, do you know?”

[TN: Yiyi = maternal aunty, mother’s younger/older sister]

She can’t help but felt good when she looked at this niece who was even older than her.

Money was just a worldly possession. She just had a sleep and already can defeat everyone with her beauty and youth.

Peng Zihan: “???”

Gu Yue’s face was filled with doubts: “You, You’re really Gu Yuan?”

Gu Yuan naturally knew that Gu Yue did not believe her, she then touched her own face. Didn’t know if it was because of the nutrients fluids fed to her when she was still in deep-freeze was too nutritious for after she woke up, her skin was in even better condition compared to before her deep-freeze. It’s bright, smooth and tender just like a newly peeled boiled egg white. Thinking about this, she felt very satisfied.

She smiled at Gu Yue: “Meimei, do you feel I have any difference compared to 25 years ago? You can’t find any differences right? Then I’m really your Jiejie, the real deal and not a fake. How can this be false, right?”

[TN: Meimei = younger sister]

Gu Yue with her saggy skin and wrinkles: “………………………”

It was because there’s no difference between now and 25 years ago that there’s something wrong here!

25 years, she herself already a middle-aged woman, how can Gu Yuan look so young?

Looking at Gu Yue shocked with the sour and uncomfortable look, Gu Yuan felt very good: “You didn’t know? I’ve failed my surgery and was put into deep-freeze. Now that science and technology developed rapidly, I was also cured of my disease and was then taken out from my deep-freeze state.”

While she spoke, she walked past the shocked and dumbfounded Peng Zihan and Gu Yue as well as both the old and young men. Entering the apartment, she looked at the furnishings that were completely different from the original, she frowned: “How did you all live in my home? How did my home become like this? What did you guys do?”

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