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5 Big Shots Kneeled and Called Me Mom – Chapter 2.2

Translated by Yue [@kokoroshin] at foxaholic.com

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Chapter 2.2 – I Am Your Son

Gu Yue finally reacted at this time.

Gu Yue remembered, that time it was said that the surgery was a failure and Gu Yuan was put into deep-freeze. But at that point in time, she thought deep-freeze meant Gu Yuan already died. She had always thought Gu Yuan was already dead for the past 25 years.

Unexpectedly, she was alive again?

She stared at Gu Yuan: “This is now my home, this apartment is now mine. I have already inherited this apartment.”

Gu Yuan: “You inherited this apartment?”

Gu Yuan suddenly became angry. They had a long history of animosity, originally she already did not want to bicker with her but in the end, now she was told that even her own apartment and home also Gu Yue wanted to occupy?

Gu Yue: “You might not know after you had been deep-freeze, father inherited this apartment. Afterwards, father gave this apartment to me. Right now the apartment is already under my name.”

Peng Zihan who was standing at the side stunned finally reacted and rushed over: “Right, this is now our home.”

The older man who was obviously Gu Yue’s husband, after listening to the conversation between his wife and Gu Yuan, he was thoroughly stunned but once he heard about the apartment, he immediately puffed out his chest and reacted aggressively: “Gu Yue, who is this? This is our family home, what does it have to do with her? ”

Gu Yuan simply ignored him and directly asked Gu Yue: “Where is dad?”

Gu Yue: “Dad had been dead for more than 10 years. Before he passed away, he left this apartment to me. Let me tell you again, this apartment is mine!”

Peng Zihan suddenly realized something and quickly rushed into the bedroom. She took out a title deed: “This is our title deed, the owner stated here is my mom and totally have no relation with you. Don’t be like a beggar and stay at our home.”

Gu Yuan gritted her teeth in anger then she looked at the mother and daughter pair: “I’m not dead yet. For what reason would I transfer my ownership to dad? How can it be transferred without my consent?”

Gu Yue jealously looked at this Jiejie of her who was younger and even more beautiful than her own daughter, gritting her teeth: “After you’ve been deep-freeze for 5 years, dad applied for your death certificate!” 

After all, it was more than 20 years ago. At that time, a lot of procedures can be done without going through a lot of channels. After they got her death certificate, everything also became easier to do. They divided the money in Gu Yuan’s bank card among themselves and they also inherited her apartment. Even all of her other things, those that can be taken and divided also they do not let go while those that they have no use of were all disposed of.

Anyway, everything that used to belong to Gu Yuan already long gone from this world.

Death certificate?

Gu Yuan was dumbfounded.

So, when the people in the institute haven’t given up on her and still maintain the survival of her body at a high cost, her only close relative, her dad, had already long given up on her and can’t wait to apply a death certificate for her.

Looking at the loss looked in Gu Yuan eyes, Gu Yue smiled proudly: “Good Jiejie, although you’re young and beautiful but this apartment is really mine now. If you wish to have it back also can, just go and find dad. This apartment was given to me by dad and not by you. Right ——”

Then, Gu Yue suddenly remembered something: “That jade pendant of yours, dad also gave it to me.”

When Gu Yuan heard it, she immediately quivered and almost wanted to rush over to give Gu Yue a slap.

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