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5 Big Shots Kneeled and Called Me Mom – Chapter 2.4

Translated by Yue [@kokoroshin] at foxaholic.com

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Chapter 2.4 – I Am Your Son

Gu Yuan’s heart was at a loss, she really didn’t know anything…………

The neighbour was even more sympathetic: “Do you have money now?”

Gu Yuan: “Yes, I have more than 800 yuan.”

Neighbour: “……..”

What can you do with 800 yuan?

Gu Yue laughed loudly after listening to their conversation. In the beginning, she was jealous of Gu Yuan’s youthful face but she did not envy her at all now.

Gu Yuan was young, but she had no money, no home, no husband and no children. She did not have anything at all. Both her husband and daughter also had very good careers, only this can be called the winner of life!

The onlookers also looked at Gu Yuan sympathetically and amusingly. They had never seen such a rare occurrence. Such a rare excitement, and some people also secretly took Gu Yuan’s photo and shared it in Moments.

Listening to the mockery around her, she understood that she had lost her face. There’s nothing she can do. It had been 25 years and her knowledge on technology was too far behind in time.

Really became an old antique.

As she was thinking, she suddenly found that the people surrounding her had stopped laughing. Everyone was looking in surprise towards the direction of the neighbourhood doorway.

“A lot of cars came.”

“There are also a lot of bodyguards, and they’re all dressed in black.”

“What is this all about?”

Wasai, a long Rolls-Royce, it’s a limited edition, car number 888, v5 so dominating! Damn, quick, faster take pictures! I want to share this in Moments.”

[TN: Wasai – an exclamation in wonder = wow]

Gu Yue and Peng Zihan also went off to join in the excitement. This is a neighbourhood that was small and old, so it was very rare for them to see any rich people. This kind of thing had never happened before.

What everyone didn’t expect was when the door of the Rolls-Royce opened, someone came out from the car while surrounded by bodyguards. He walked into the neighbourhood and stood in front of everyone.

The bodyguards surrounded a person in the middle, this person was dressed in an expensive suit. He was tall and straight, with a sword-like eyebrow that was straight and strong, starry eyes, a solemn face and a sharp breath.

Judging from the respectful manner of people around him, this person was certainly not a normal person.

Everyone was shocked. Who was this person? Was he someone’s relative? How come he came to this small neighbourhood?

Peng Zihan flushed in excitement. She felt that the person was coming towards her direction?

What does this mean? Did the other person fall for her? Then can she get rid of her current boyfriend now?

Everyone just stared as the distinguished figures that completely incompatible with their neighbourhood came to them and stopped.

Peng Zihan felt her body going to float up, this person unexpectedly stood in front of her?

She suppressed the excitement in her heart, she blushed and took the initiative to said: “Sir, you looked for me——”

Before she could finish her words, she heard the handsome man say: “Mom, hello. I am your son.”

Peng Zihan: “???”

Gu Yue: “???”

Onlookers: “???”

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