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5 Big Shots Kneeled and Called Me Mom – Chapter 3.1

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Chapter 3.1 – Tyrannical CEO Son

When everyone were shocked until they’re unable to perform their daily life activities, Gu Yuan was busy keeping her 800 plus yuan properly, zipped up her suitcase and thought about what she should do in her next step. 

She was too focused on her thoughts that she did not hear the words spoken by the person beside her.

When she stood up, she felt there was darkness before her eyes because she squatted on the floor for too long earlier

After she left the institute today, it seems she only had a meal in the aeroplane only. Now she already felt hungry, and she used to have low blood sugar. 

In a flash, a pair of powerful hands politely supported her shoulders.

The reason it was said politely, was because it seems as if he holds on her coincidentally and with appropriate manners without making people feel offended. 

She looked back in surprise. The one who appeared in her eyes was a man with sharp eyebrows and a cold look, strong facial features and sword-like eyebrows. Except for his expression that was too serious, she felt that this man can score 100 points. He was the standard version of the hero in the romance novels that she read last time.

The point here was, this man was currently very politely supporting her shoulders.

Since she left the institute, she had been in a state of uneasiness. Suddenly there was a person here who showed goodwill to her, her heart was emotionally moved. She hurriedly smiled and embarrassingly said: “Sir, thank you. I’m fine.”

The man looked at her, raised his eyebrow, and whispered: “Mom, you’re welcome.”

Gu Yuan: “???”

The surrounding neighbours, Gu Yue and Peng Zihan, all of their faces one by one also full of question marks. Unable to comprehend the conspicuous and rich man in front of them.

Looking at the scene in front of their eyes, they’re even more stunned. They almost thought what they heard was just their fantasy

What does this mean? Such a rich and lavish man actually called Gu Yuan as ‘Mom’?

How old was Gu Yuan?

Everyone’s gaze fell on Gu Yuan at the same time. What they saw was just her pure and blank expression, as if she had totally no idea of what happened. 

If you told anyone that such a young and green young lady gave birth to a son who was a hundredfold more matured, who will believe?

Gu Yue unable to understand while Peng Zihan was stupefied.

The man lowered his head and looked at Gu Yuan, only to see Gu Yuan was stunned with her mouth slightly opened, her eyes widely open and incomprehensibly looked at him.

His sword-like eyebrow moved slightly, his expression was still faint but he slows down his voice: “You are indeed my mother. Let me explain this to you slowly later. How about we go to a restaurant, then we can also order some food to eat first?” 

Order what? Gu Yuan’s brain automatically helped her to translate, just to have a meal?

Her thirsty throat moved. She really needed a meal. She was so hungry that her stomach already started rumbled. 


She looked at the man and helplessly said: “You might recognize the wrong person. I am not your mother——”

She stopped when she spoke until halfway.

Suddenly the words that were spoken by Dr. Chen in the airport appeared in her mind,

Her 5 ova were like 5 calabash babies, already broken out from their shell and turned into 5 healthy and active convenient sons.

The eldest was already 24 years old!

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