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5 Big Shots Kneeled and Called Me Mom – Chapter 3.2

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Chapter 3.2 – Tyrannical CEO Son

She looked at the man in front of her in disbelief. Leaving aside his overly matured and cold bearing, it was estimated that he had over 20 years old. Therefore, there was a possibility that this was her son.

Knowing there were 5 big convenient sons was one thing, and seeing one with one own eye was a kind of shock.

The man looked at her silently, as if able to see her question, he nodded and reaffirmed: “Yes, mom. I said I am your son.”

Gu Yuan’s leg suddenly softened and almost fell down.

The man considerately supported her arm: “Mom, let’s go. I’ll take you to go for a simple meal.”

Gu Yuan only felt as if her whole body had no energy. She did not know was it because of hunger or too emotional. She nodded and weakly replied: “Good, good……..”

Thereupon, under the sight of the surrounding shocked until unable to comprehend neighbours, Gu Yuan was practically half carried away by the man to the modified long Rolls-Royce. 

When they wanted to get in the car, an assistant already opened the door eagerly.

The man raised his hand and put it under the car roof so as to avoid Gu Yuan from hitting the car roof when she enters the car.

Gu Yuan gratefully looked at the thoughtful ‘son’ and got into the car.

In the neighbourhood, all the people that were present on the scene almost felt that something had gone wrong with their brain. They looked at Gu Yue for help: “What the hell was all that?”

Gu Yue was completely at a loss: “These…..How the hell will I know how she would suddenly have such a big son that came out of nowhere? Or when did she gave birth?”

Peng Zihan was suddenly very excited: “Mom, that was my yiyi, my dear yiyi. The person just now was my yiyi’s son, that means the guy just now was my biaoge! Why didn’t you stop them from leaving!”

Neighbours: “………………….”

This was unbelievable!


Gu Yuan felt that her whole person was floating in a dream as if she had become the Cinderella in a palace. Everything surrounding her was surreal.

Her son took her to a very upscale and elegant restaurant and ordered a lot of dishes for her.

She was actually very hungry, therefore she did not hold back.

She ate in perfect contentment, the food in an upscale restaurant was indeed very delicious. It was so delicious that it made her wanted to cry in happiness. 

After she had her fill, she contently wiped her mouth. Then she curiously looked at this convenient son of her.

Although her son who sat opposite of her did not show any smile on his face but overall can be seen he was very courteous, graceful, filial and considerate.

“Mom, let me introduce myself. My name is Ji Qisen, 23 years old, biologically can be considered as your son.” Ji Qisen politely said.

“Oh.” Facing such a big son, Gu Yuan was still in a dazed. She felt everything resembled a science fiction movie: “That…….You said you’re 23 years old this year?”

She remembered Dr Chen words, her eldest son was already 24 years old?

“Yes.” Ji Qisen nodded.

“Then do you know——” Gu Yuan said with hesitation, she was struggling to find suitable words to continue: “At that time, I had 5 ova. Do you know the whereabouts of the others?”

Don’t know if the father of all her ova were the same person or not. Or did they all considered as brothers?

Ji Qisen looked at Gu Yuan’s frown and worried face that she did not know how to explain. Then he suddenly understood.

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