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5 Big Shots Kneeled and Called Me Mom – Chapter 3.3

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Chapter 3.3 – Tyrannical CEO Son

“My father that year passed the qualification and managed to obtain 1 ovum and had me. As for the information on the whereabouts of the others, I do not know. All this information was kept confidential, therefore I have no access to them. But I did know all the others ova had already been used.”

At the end, when he said the word ‘used’, it was said with some hesitation.

After all, these kinds of things involved ethics, and it was indeed too bizarre.

“Oh, oh…..this…” Gu Yuan was still stupefied but she tried to digest this fact. This son was 23 years old, maybe he was her 2nd son? She might have 4 such convenient sons around this age.

When she tried to imagine being called ‘mom’ by 5 sons at the same time, she almost choked by her own saliva.

Ji QIsen quickly poured a glass of fruit juice and passed it to Gu Yuan thoughtfully. 

Gu Yuan quickly took it and had a few sips to comfort her frightened heart.

Qi Jisen waited in silence for her to calm down.

After a while, Gu Yuan suddenly thought of a question: “Right, you….you have already seen me before?”

She was really unable to comprehend, she herself already felt awkward. How come this son didn’t seem to have any psychological pressure when he called her mom. 

Ji Qisen: “Since young, I already knew I was different from the other children. That I came to this world under special conditions though the use of science and technologies. My father would also take me to go visit you from time to time. That’s why I already knew of your existence since I was young.”

After Gu Yuan heard this, she finally understood. If he already looked at her as his mom since young, after so many years, she supposed he already got used to it.

Ji Qisen: “Is there anything else that you wanted to ask me?”

There are too many questions that she wanted to ask.

But facing such an old son, Gu Yuan felt a bit uneasy. She felt it was too embarrassing to throw out all her questions. Therefore she can only choose questions that were not too sensitive to ask first: “You already graduated from university?” 

Ji Qisen: “Mom, thank you for passing me your genius gene. Since I was young my IQ has been very outstanding. At 13, I had already graduated from university and I studied in one of the Ivy League school. At 17, I joined our own company for an internship and now after 6 years, I already took over my father’s responsibilities at work.”

In front of this convenient son, Gu Yuan pretended to be very calm and collected: “Oh, I see.”

In her heart, she was actually very shocked.

She wanted to cry. What genius gene? Why didn’t it have any effect on her? Since she was young, besides being beautiful, she had no other strength. When it came to studies, it was no good also!

Ji Qisen raised his eyes to looked at Gu Yuan: “I coincidentally sent people to check on you yesterday and learned that you had already woken up. There was a very important meeting yesterday and today I originally wanted to fly over to have a look at you, Unexpectedly Dr, Chen told me that you had already left. Therefore, I directly came over here to find you.”

He looked at Gu Yuan’s empty glass and considerately passed over a delicately printed serviette to Gu Yuan. He dully asked: “Mom, when I came to look for you just now, was someone was bullying you?” 

Gu Yuan carefully wiped the corner of her mouth. Looking at this son that sounds like those tyrannical CEO that she read in novels last time, she suddenly felt somewhat ashamed. As the ‘old’ mother, to let her own son see such a spectacle, she really had no place to show her face.

She then somewhat mumbled: “They didn’t bully me, they only occupied my apartment…..and kicked me out.”

Ji Qisen saw that she seemed ashamed as she drooped her eyes. 

He immediately lowered his eyes and quietly asked: “The place they’re staying right now was mom’s apartment?”

To start explaining will be very complicated and not something that can be made clear in a few words……

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