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5 Big Shots Kneeled and Called Me Mom – Chapter 3.4

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Chapter 3.4 – Tyrannical CEO Son

Gu Yuan glanced at this overwhelming tyrant-like son, sighed and softly said: “This problem, we will have to start from more than 20 years ago……”

Talking about this, Gu Yuan clearly explained about her grudges with her sister thoroughly. How this sister took her life-saving money, forcing her to join the institute experiments quota for free treatments. To be at an impasse, penniless and finally woke up just to discover her own apartment had already been seized. Even the jade pendant that was left by her mother also suffered the same fate.

Originally Gu Yuan felt that these kinds of things were a bit embarrassing. After all, they were mother and son that met for the 1st time. She also wished to leave a good impression on this son. However now, she had no other choice but to tell her son face to face the history of her tears of blood.

But talking about it, Gu Yuan recalled those matters from the past and became angrier. She clenched her fist, her face flushed red, and ground her teeth: “She snatched away my everything. My apartment, my jade pendant! Those were left to me by my waipo and mom! ”

Ji Qisen looked at this lady that was seething with anger in front of him.

He remembered the 1st time he saw her. At that time, he was only 3 years old. When he saw other kids had a mother, he also wished to have a mother. He did not like all those ladies that were surrounding his father.

At that time his father took him to sit on a plane and then they reached the institute. And there, he met his mother who was in a glass cover.

At that time, he was still young. He really likes this mother a lot. Therefore he diligently studied to progress and became even more outstanding just so his father will take him to see his mother on the weekend. He used to make a birthday cake every year then made a wish that his mother would wake up to eat his cake.

20 years had already passed. He’s an adult now and he also no longer likes birthday cake nor did he like birthdays. But she awakens now.

She had finally woken up and looked so young and immaculate. Though she was now seething with anger and her hand was clenched in a fist while complaining about those who bullied her. But she was now sitting in front of him looking so vivid and lively. 

He had grown up but her temperament was still that of an 18 years old, just like a child.

Ji Qisen said in a deep voice: “Mom, don’t worry. Since this apartment was left by your waipo for you, then that was a very important vestige. I will think of a legal way to get it back.”

Gu Yuan suddenly stopped in her anger and looked at Ji Qisen in surprise, unable to believe it: “Really? You can think of a way to get it back?”

Using her 25 years ago memories to think also know, this was not something simple. Things had changed with the passage of time and the apartment had already changed hands 2 times. Where can they find the evidence?

However, Ji Qisen nodded, and positively replied: “Naturally.”

Such a definite answer suddenly made Gu Yuan felt relieved. Since he said so, then it should not have any problem?

Once she thought about the return of both the apartment and jade pendant, Gu Yuan was overjoyed at the turn of the event. Till the point that she almost jumped up in excitement. But once she saw the one before her eyes were her son, then as the ‘old’ mother she should show some dignity befitting an elder. She quickly contains the happiness in her heart and sincerely expressed her gratefulness at the turn of the event: “Thank you, Qi…..”

Wait, what was his name?

Ji Qisen: “My surname was Ji, given name Qisen.”

Gu Yuan was really embarrassed at this moment. Her face flushed red and she laughed nervously as she covered her embarrassment, then she quietly continued: “Thank you, Qisen.”

It’s so nice to have a son. Especially the tyrannical CEO type of son.

Totally feels like an omnipotent son.

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