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5 Big Shots Kneeled and Called Me Mom – Chapter 4.1

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Chapter 4.1 – The Child’s Father Is Ji Zhentian

After they finished with their meal, Ji Qisen asked Gu Yuan’s plan: “I can get the house back but it will take 2 days’ time. For the time being, do you have a place to stay?”

This sentence by Ji Qisen evoked Gu Yuan’s worries.

She only had that 1 home, then, of course, she did not have any other place to stay.

As far as relatives and friends go, her closest relative was waipo but she had already passed away. The other estranged relatives, after this 25 years, were even more impossible to contact. What about friends? Thinking until here, she was a little at a loss.

At that time, she was just admitted into the Film Academy and had the terminal disease after only 1 year plus of study. She basically had no contact with any friends anymore. The only person who had accompanied her by the side was her boyfriend at that time, Lu Zhiqian. When Gu Yuan thought until the part with Lu Zhiqian, her delicate eyebrow lightly frowned. Then she said worriedly: “I do not have a place to stay. Therefore, I planned to rent a place 1st and think of a way to get back my apartment.”

Ji Qisen nodded his head and tentatively asked: “Then mom——”

Even though they had the closest and most intimate blood relation in the world, however, they’re not very familiar with each other in the end. Ji Qisen thought to himself, how should he ask so that it will not hurt Gu Yuan’s self-esteem: “Mom, do you have enough funds with you?”

Gu Yuan quickly nodded: “Money? I have no shortage of money. I still have a lot of money! Rest assured, it’s enough for me to rent a place!”

Even though she was defrauded by the black-hearted taxi driver for 120 yuan, but there was still 880 yuan which was enough for her to rent a place and settle down 1st. There was even enough balance to be used as living expenses for a period of time.   

Ji Qisen raised his eyebrows. He was unconvinced.

Once Gu Yuan saw that they had almost finished with the meals, she wiped her mouth and assumed the role of the elder and straightforwardly said: “Let me pay for this meal. This is the 1st time for us mother and son meet, so let me pay for it. You don’t need to be polite with me.”

Coincidently, the waitress came over at this time, so she called out: “Bill please.”

Ji Qisen was about to stop the waitress but she had already courteously brought the bill to Gu Yuan.

Gu Yuan looked at Ji Qisen then she shook her head and smiled: “Let me pay for the bill. No matter what, I am still the elder——”

Once she said until there, her voice suddenly stopped.

She finally saw the bill.

Once she saw the bill, her whole body did not feel so good.

This….How can it be so expensive?

It was only a meal, how can it be so outrageous??

Her 880 yuan was far from enough at all!!!

Gu Yuan was shocked, embarrassed and felt this was inconceivable. What kind of black-shop was this? They outrageously overcharged people by such a high margin?!

Ji Qisen took out his credit card: “Mom, how can I let you spend your money. Let me pay for it.”

Gu Yuan did not protest this time and let him pay for it.

The meal was very expensive and there was no use for her to protest. Even if she sold herself off, there won’t be enough to cover the bill also.

When Gu Yuan walked out from this restaurant, she felt that her legs did not touch the ground at all.

She once again sat in the Rolls-Royce. Gu Yuan looked at her convenient son and sigh: “The human heart was not like the ancient, why taxis nowadays are black-taxi while the shops are black-shop? Everywhere also there’s a swindler.”

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