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5 Big Shots Kneeled and Called Me Mom – Chapter 4.2

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Chapter 4.2 – The Child’s Father Is Ji Zhentian

Ji Qisen was somewhat startled: “Swindler?”

Gu Yuan thought about her own experience, then she complained about it to her convenient son: “Earlier when I came to the neighbourhood from the airport, the taxi driver charged me for 120 yuan. It’s 120 yuan! The cost of my living expenses for a month last time was only 100 yuan! In addition, this meal was even scarier. Next time don’t ever come here to eat anymore!”

Ji Qisen’s mouth twitched for a while.

He glanced at Gu Yuan’s annoyed look. Then he silently converted the salary level and commodity prices to 25 years ago. After the conversion, he roughly understood the shock experienced by Gu Yuan.

Over the course of 25 years, how many times had the inflation rise? If she saw the price of the commodities now, she would definitely be very upset.

And now he finally understood what Gu Yuan’s ‘I still have a lot of money’ meant.

He decided not to ask about her plans anymore and softly said: “Mom, I suggest that you don’t rent a place. Since you are going to get back your apartment in a few days, renting a new place is not worth it. You can——”

He suggested: “You can come to my residence and stay for a few days.”

Gu Yuan felt embarrassed when she heard his suggestion. Such a big son, she had never raised him nor even gave birth to him. She had only contributed the ovum and now she would be enjoying the pleasure of being supported by the son? Isn’t this too much?

She secretly took a look at him and felt somewhat ashamed, she said: “No need, I better look for a place by myself.”

She was wondering, she used to be a student at the Film Academy, don’t know if she can still resume her studies or not? If she was able to, then she can live in the academy. Besides providing accommodation, the academy also did not collect any tuition fees and instead, gave out subsidies to their students every month.

Ji Qisen watched Gu Yuan silently and reminded her: “Mom, do you know how much it costs to rent an ordinary place?”

When Gu Yuan heard his tone, her heart suddenly pounded very loudly. Don’t tell her the rental was also priced at an exorbitant amount? 

Ji QIsen silently opened his mobile phone, after pressing here and there, he finally passed the mobile phone to Gu Yuan.

Gu Yuan already saw quite a few people holding this small TV screen and pressing here, pressing there, swiping here, swiping there. Even on the aeroplane, the same scenario can also be observed there. She was actually very curious but then she still pretended to understand it all: “Let me have a look.”

Once she took the phone to have a look, the image on the screen suddenly disappeared.

Startled, she said: “It’s broken?”

Ji Qisen stretched out his hand and his finger nimbly touched the mobile phone, then the image on the screen appeared again.

Gu Yuan secretly marvelled at the mystical of this high-tech thing while at the same time pretending to be calm and collected while looking at the screen.

At a glance, she saw all the properties and rooms listed for rental in the surrounding neighbourhood.

The prices were outrageous and they’re not something Gu Yuan able to bear.

Gu Yuan was flabbergasted, her legs were soft, her mouth slightly opened and she unbelievably asked: “So expensive?”

Ji Qisen calmly put away his mobile phone: “In the 25 years that you’ve been sleeping, both the salary and commodities prices have skyrocketed. The price of an item now was already very different from 25 years ago.”

Speaking of this, Ji Qisen then tried to educate Gu Yuan on what normal price was. Gu Yuan only stared at Ji QIsen blankly as he educates her.

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