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5 Big Shots Kneeled and Called Me Mom – Chapter 4.3

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Chapter 4.3 – The Child’s Father Is Ji Zhentian

Finally, she was half-paralyzed on the seat after receiving too much shock. She was bewildered. With a blank expression, she murmured: “No wonder the taxi needs 120 yuan.”

As it turns out, this was a normal price and it was she who had wronged the taxi driver.

According to the information that Ji Qisen showed her from his mini TV, her 880 yuan was only enough for her to sleep 1 night in a hotel.

In other words, she was really a destitute person with nothing at all. In her next step, she will soon end up sleeping on the street.

She carefully glanced at this convenient son by her side, even with only a glance, anyone also will know that he’s a rich man.

What else can she do but to thicken her face skin and freeload at this son’s house?

Gu Yuan thought of her own plan and her milky white cheek started to redden. She gripped the corner of her clothes and said uncomfortably: “This…. that…. son…. me…..”

She had never given birth to him nor raised him up, so to open her mouth and request support was really too embarrassing.

She hesitated for a while before she finally realized that she could borrow the money first. She can first borrow the money from her son and return it when she has the money! 

She became excited when she thought of this, and then she expectantly said: “Qisen, you——”

Ji QIsen expressionlessly looked at Gu Yuan as she hesitated in the beginning and then became happy and excited. After looking at these 2 expressions, he directly opened his mouth and said: “You just stay in my house first.”

Gu Yuan was over the moon but she soon became embarrassed as she felt she was directly taking advantage of this son: “Is it really possible? Won’t it be inconvenient? Actually you can lend me some money and I can return it back to you when I have the money. I was a student at the Film Academy previously, so I will think of a way to re-apply and study there again. Once I’m back to study, the academy will provide me with subsidies. I can also work part-time while studying. With these, I can definitely be able to return your money back to you.” 

Ji QIsen looked at her as she started to ring her abacus and list out all her plans and for a moment, he couldn’t bear to tell her.

Things have changed with the passage of time. The current tertiary students not only did not receive any subsidiaries, but they also needed to pay the tuition fees. This will definitely become a heavy burden for her.

He lowered his eyes and softly said: “You stay in my house first, then wait until after I get your apartment back for you before you leave.”

Once Gu Yuan heard of these, her black-painted eyebrow moved together in a frown. She hesitated for a while and couldn’t help but asked: “Then…..is there anyone else in your house?”

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