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5 Big Shots Kneeled and Called Me Mom – Chapter 4.4

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Chapter 4.4 – The Child’s Father Is Ji Zhentian

According to reason, he should have a father. If she hastily lives in his house, everyone will feel uncomfortable. After all, they had a son but at the same time, they’re also total strangers.

Ji Qisen saw Gu Yuan’s apprehensions: “At the moment, I’m staying by myself. Although my dad does come once in a while, it was still very rare.”

Gu Yuan: “Then, I’ll temporarily live in your house for the moment. When I have my own place to stay, I’ll move out.”

With that being said, Gu Yuan’s heart was secretly relieved.

I finally don’t need to be stranded on the roadside and sleep under the bridge, it’s so good to have a son!


The luxurious and modified long Rolls-Royce stopped at a villa. Even though Gu Yuan already prepared herself mentally, she was still shocked by this luxurious villa. She took a deep breath and said: “Qisen, you are very rich is it?”

Ji Qisen: “It’s not much.”

Gu Yuan: “You seem to be the boss of a company?”

Ji Qisen: “Yes”

Gu Yuan: “What’s the company name?”

Ji Qisen: “AK.”

As soon as GU Yuan heard it, her pair of eyes suddenly opened wide and stared at him: “AK Branch is it?”

Ji QIsen glanced at Gu Yuan: “AK Group Headquarters”

Gu Yuan suddenly remembered the words that Ji Qisen said previously. He said he inherited the company from his father? His father’s company? AK? Surname Ji?

Gu Yuan looked at Ji Qisen strangely, she trembled, her voice also sounded emotional: “You…..What was your father’s name?”

Surname Ji, AK, this……..

Ji Qisen: “My father was Ji Zhentian”

Clang~ Gu Yuan staggered on her next step, tripping herself.

Ji Qisen’s hand swiftly and nimbly moved to hold onto her arm. He supported her firmly and prevented her from her fate of ending up falling onto the ground.

Recovering from the shock, Gu Yuan repeatedly murmured: “AK, Ji Zhentian……”

AK, Ji Zhentian!!!!

During her period, she was already familiar with the name Ji Zhentian. He was a legend in the business world. He founded the AK Group and became a business legend at that time. The media always covered the news about AK Group and there were also quite a number of entrepreneurs who took him as an example for them to follow.

This key person Ji Zhentian was very handsome and also very young! He was only in his twenties!

Although Gu Yuan already had a boyfriend at that time, she still drooled over the picture of Ji Zhentian in the newspaper with her roommates. Together they licked their lips, read his legendary story on how he independently built his career and worship this young famous entrepreneur.

And now her 23 years old convenient son actually tells her that he was the son of Ji Zhentian.

Gu Yuan trembled: “What a——”

In front of this son, she was too embarrassed to say……

What a dog shit luck!!!

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