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5 Big Shots Kneeled and Called Me Mom – Chapter 5.3

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Chapter 5.3 – A Filial Son

Sun-shen smiled and looked at the young lady in front of her. She felt that this young lady was very clever and cute. Her skin was delicate and fair, and her hair, from a glance it doesn’t look like it had ever been dyed before, it looked soft and shiny, This kind of girl will indeed loved by everyone.

She gently smiled and said: “Miss Gu, I came specially to deliver drinks to you. This was instructed by the Young Master. He said to serve some drinks to you. Over here I have milk, plain water and different kinds of fruit juice. Please have a look and see which of these that you would like to drink.”

When she was talking, Sun-shen pulled a dining cart into the room. There were various kinds of beverages on top of the dining cart.

At first, Gu Yuan didn’t feel any thirst but when she saw the drinks, her throat started to feel dry: “Sun-shen, thank you. Then I’ll have the milk, please.”

Sun-shen poured a glass of milk for Gu Yuan then she said with a smile: “The Young Master also ordered earlier to prepare hot milk for you. Speaking of it, the Young Master is not young anymore, and until now he had never been in a relationship before. We also never had any guests before. It’s very rare for him to be so thoughtful.”

The meaning of the content in the sentences was very huge. Gu Yuan immediately felt her scalp going numb. She increasingly felt that the way this Sun-shen looked at her was like looking at a daughter-in-law. 

However, Ji Qisen didn’t tell anyone clearly and she also did not know any of his employees. Furthermore, it was also not good to suddenly tell someone about her past and that she was only the mother.

Immediately after giving her thanks, she didn’t dare to say any other things.

However, Sun-shen unexpectedly didn’t felt like going away. Instead, she stayed to make more inquiries: “Miss Gu, are you very familiar with our family’s Young Master?”

With the milk on her hand, Gu Yuan started to thought about how she should explain it: “Me and Qisen, we do know each other but we’re not very close. This time, it was because of his kindness. He saw that I had nowhere to go, so he offered me to take shelter here and let me stay here for the time being.”

Sun-shen opened her ears to listen carefully. After listening to Gu Yuan, she immediately managed to catch several key points.

This Miss Gu unexpectedly called Young Master by his name.

Oh my god! How many people in this world can directly call Young Master’s name? Besides Young Master’s few friends, there’s only Master! But this young lady actually was able to call the Young Master by his name??

Furthermore, since when did the Young Master had ever been so kind to outsiders before? 

Do you think Young Master is a philanthropist? Any Tom, Dick or Harry also he will bring home?

Young Master had mysophobia and he would never randomly just let anyone enter his home!

Even when it came to hiring a gardener, he also needed to have a clean background, subject to various investigations and fulfil an entire set of conditions.

[TN: To have a clean background means his family and him do not have any criminal records.]

However, such a Young Master unexpectedly let a young lady enter his home. He even let her stay in the guest room on the first floor! It had to be known that the Ji Family’s guest room on the first floor is not a place where anyone also can enter!

Sun-shen’s heart was filled with countless emotions. Heaven had eyes. Young Master’s heart had finally been moved. Is he going to be in a relationship soon?

[TN: When she said heaven has eyes, it was used in a way to indicate her prayers were finally answered. Hahaha]

She felt so gratified and so emotional!

Sun-shen looked at the young lady again. The more she looked, the more she felt satisfied. This young lady was really good-looking and could compete with those celebrities on TV. The key point was her eyebrows which unexpectedly looked similar like Young Master’s eyebrows. Is this what they said about having ‘husband and wife mutual appearance’?

Sun-shen smiled at Gu Yuan and spoke a few more words to help her own Young Master: “Miss Gu, you might not know. Although my family’s Young Master outward appearance looked cold and did not care much about people, he was actually a very kind person. He was a good and honest person, a filial son!”

Gu Yuan kept nodding her head: “Yes, he was indeed a very filial son.”

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