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5 Big Shots Kneeled and Called Me Mom – Chapter 5.4

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Chapter 5.4 – A Filial Son

She never gave birth to him nor raised him for even a day. He also can be so filial to her, she really felt very touching. He was indeed the best son in the world. 

Sun-shen was very satisfied that Gu Yuan was able to notice this point. However she decided to continue and talked about her Young Master’s good points: “Even though my family’s Young Master was born in the nest of riches and honour, he was actually a pitiful child. Since young, he never had a mother by his side. Our family’s Mister also flies all over the world and was busy with his career. He simply did not have the time to be with the Young Master. Young Master had a very lonely childhood. He really was a very pitiful child.”

[TN: when she said good points I guess she meant that there is no mother-in-law to deal with if Gu Yuan married her Young Master. XD ]

[TN: Instead of calling Qisen’s father as Master, she called him Mister]

Gu Yuan: “………”

Gu Yuan suddenly felt a little bit distressed. It seemed like this son did not have an easy childhood.

Sun-shen naturally detected the sympathy in Gu Yuan’s eyes. She immediately felt elated. Looks like this was going to be very promising! A woman who felt distressed over a man’s past, this might probably mean her heart was almost moved.

Sun-shen continued to add fire: “My family’s Young Master was very clever since young. Compared with the average people, he was way more intelligent and very outstanding. At an early age, he was already admitted to an Ivy League famous school and before 20 years old, he already went to work in the company and helped Mister with his affairs. That was not something an average person can accomplish. Unfortunately, he was too outstanding and normal women could never enter his eyes. You just look, he was already 23 years old but up until now also he never had a girlfriend!”

Speaking until here, Sun-shen sighed: “Mister himself had a lot of girlfriends and he changed them 1 after another. Pity our Young Master. We don’t know what’s going on because he unexpectedly didn’t date anyone. You say, as a young man, how come he didn’t even have a girlfriend? Looking at him really made us anxious!”

After listening to her, Gu Yuan also felt somewhat worried.

Even though she was only 20 years old, if anyone rushed her to get a boyfriend, get married and have kids, she would definitely be anxious as well. But the person in question——was her son!

Since he was her son, then as the mother, she can’t help but felt worried as well.

She frowned and said with concern: “Why didn’t he have a girlfriend? He didn’t like women? Could it be that he likes men?”

Sun-shen quickly shook her head and waved her hand to dismiss it: “How could it be possible! My family’s Young Master definitely likes women. He was merely too busy with work, a workaholic. Besides, wasn’t he just hasn’t found the right girl?”

When she talked until here, she smiled again and looked at Gu Yuan with anticipation: “When he found the right girl that he likes, it naturally will be different. My family’s Young Master will become very attentive and considerate. He will even——”

Gu Yuan immediately felt a headache coming. She recalled the conjecture done by Sun-shen, her scalp felt numb and she quickly put a stop to it: “Stop!”

Sun-shen hurriedly stopped and looked at Gu Yuan who suddenly looked so solemn.

Gu Yuan looked at Sun-shen and solemnly said: “Sun-shen, I hope you don’t misunderstand. I and your Young Master were only normal friends. We don’t have that kind of relationship that you think of. You must not misunderstand. Otherwise, I and your Young Master will feel very awkward.”

Sun-shen did not believe it but in order to appease Gu Yuan, she said: “Miss Gu, don’t worry. I understand. I understand all of it.”

However, Gu Yuan felt that Sun-shen would not understand at all!

Finally, she managed to endure until Sun-shen left. Gu Yuan sat on the bed and wanted to lie down to continue enjoying her life but she felt a little uneasy in her heart.

Sun-shen’s words keep floating around her ears.

Such a big convenient son came to her, just like a very big meat pie. He was so filial and considerate, it was truly very good.

But this son sounded so pitiful in his childhood.

Gu Yuan began to wonder. As the mother, she should not only know to get benefits. She should give out some love as well, right?

Thinking about this, she didn’t want to sleep anymore. She decided to go up the second floor to look for her son and then have a heart to heart talk with him.

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