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5 Big Shots Kneeled and Called Me Mom – Chapter 6.2

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Chapter 6.2 – My Son Taught Me How to Play Mobile Phone

While talking, Gu Yuan curiously looked at the electronic devices beside her.

Ji Qisen roughly pointed out a few of them and told her their functionality. Gu Yuan was endlessly surprised listening to Ji Qisen introducing those items to her.

Science and technologies had changed a lot in the past 25 years and human life had also gone through such a big change!

Thinking about it this way, she suddenly remembered the small TV that her son shown her earlier. That thing was really interesting and it seems like everyone also had it?

Ji Qisen saw Gu Yuan was staring directly at the mobile phone on the table, then he quietly said: “That was a mobile phone.”

Gu Yuan: “Everyone also had a mobile phone?”

Ji Qisen: “Yes. With a mobile phone, you can make phone calls and access the internet to check all kinds of information.”

Ji Qisen picked up his mobile phone and in a simple way, explained to her the popular functions available on the mobile phone.

Looking at how the mobile phone came alive under his slender fingers, Gu Yuan suddenly saw a very cute icon: “What’s that? What’s that?”

Ji Qisen was silent for a moment.

Gu Yuan’ eyes brightened up, without any desire to let go of this topic, she continued: “…………..looks very interesting.”

Ji Qisen’s temple twitched slightly, his lips pursed, but he still returned to the previous screen and slowly said: “This is a game pre-installed in the mobile phone.”

His mobile phone was the latest model from a certain brand name, it came with powerful features and was exceptionally very good in every other aspect. However, this company coincidentally had released a game before. Therefore, all the mobile phones under this brand name also came pre-installed with this game from their company.

Ji Qisen actually had not much interest in the mobile phone. As long as it can be used then it was good enough. Therefore, he didn’t care much in regards to the existence of this game on his mobile phone.

He just didn’t expect that Gu Yuan could be so sharp and able to eyed out that lone game on his mobile phone.

Gu Yuan was surprised: “The mobile phone functionality was so powerful and can even play games!”

Ji Qisen lifted his eyes to looked over.

Although Gu Yuan tried hard to pretend not to care, her pair of clear looking eyes kept staring at the game on the screen without even blinking for a moment.

Ji Qisen remained silent for a moment. He then finally opened the game app for the first time in his life: “Mom, you can play for a while.”

Gu Yuan received the mobile phone and looked at Ji Qisen in surprised: “Wow, wasn’t this the game console in olden days?”

Game console?

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