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5 Big Shots Kneeled and Called Me Mom – Chapter 6.5

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Chapter 6.5 – My Son Taught Me How to Play Mobile Phone

On the other hand, Gu Yuan had no idea that her call earlier already caused a thousand waves. She was currently waiting anxiously while staring at the mobile phone in Ji Qisen’s hand.

Ji Qisen flicked the screen, unlock it and the mobile screen light up again.

Gu Yuan’s eyes also light up at the same time.

Ji Qisen raised his head and looked at Gu Yuan: “It was not broken, it was merely the phone locked screen.”

After briefly told her what was a locked screen, Ji Qisen handed his mobile phone to Gu Yuan once again. At the same time, he also told her how to unlock the mobile phone.

Gu Yuan was so happy that she kept nodding her head. She then ran away with the mobile phone in her embrace.

As for the son…….she currently did not have the time to care about him.

Ji Qisen continued with his meeting.

As he continued with the meeting, he clearly felt that the way his subordinates looked at him was not right.

He coughed and solemnly asked: “Is there any problem?”

All of his subordinates turned to the same direction and shooked their head: “No problem, no problem..”

But in their hearts: “President Ji actually fell in love, Presiden Ji actually fell in love…..”

On the other side, Gu Yuan played the game for the whole night. Even after she went back to her own room, she was still very diligently played the game.

It wasn’t until very late into the night when her eyes ware closing that she remembered, it seems like she had totally forgotten to have a heart to heart talk with her son!

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