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5 Big Shots Kneeled and Called Me Mom – Chapter 7.1

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Chapter 7.1 – Back To Film Academy

On the second day after Gu Yuan woke up, Sun-shen had diligently told her to go downstairs for breakfast.

Gu Yuan found out that perhaps her body had been asleep for too many years, now, she felt that she didn’t have enough sleep even after a night’s sleep. This makes her want to continue her sleep until the end of time. Looking at the time, it was not early anymore. It was still better for her to strive harder to leave her bed to wash her face and rinse her mouth before she went down for breakfast.

The dining hall was elegant, spacious and bright. Ji Qisen was sitting upright in an expensive suit prepared to have his breakfast. When he saw she walked over, he nodded and said: “Morning.”

Gu Yuan quickly returned his greetings with a smile. She then passed his mobile phone back to him.

When Gu Yuan finally sat down, they had their breakfast together for the first time.

Breakfast was very sumptuous, it was comparable to a buffet in a high-end hotel. It came with different kinds of dishes, from Chinese to Western.

Gu Yuan felt unbelievable: “These dishes are just for the both of us?” 

Ji Qisen raised his head to look at her, after contemplated for a short while, he replied: “Yes.”

Gu Yuan: “Oh…..”

She was originally just curious, but after she thought that this was the home of that famous entrepreneur, Ji Zhentian, and the son in front of her was the son of Ji Zhentian. As someone who was so rich, he could eat whatever he wanted and in however way he wanted it.

With her head lowered down, she started to eat her breakfast. The food tasted so nice that she ate all the dishes one after another.

The sunshine spilt into the dining hall through the half-blind shutters and plated everything in the hall with a faint layer of gold. The surrounding was very quiet. Apart from the maid who occasionally came in and cleared some of the plates, there were no other sounds. Gu Yuan even thought that she was living in an oil painting depicting a pair of western aristocrats having their breakfast. 

After Gu Yuan had another delicious dim sum, she felt very satisfied. She then quietly looked at her son who was 3 years older than her.

Her son really looked very handsome, with clean and refreshing short hair, strong facial features, high nose and thin lips. The sunshine that sprinkled on his angular face brought a shadowy contrast, just like a sketch done by an artist which made his face look very cool.

He didn’t seem like he liked to laugh or smile, and his every gesture radiated an imposing manner. Even the way he eats was different from that of an ordinary person.

This was simply the real-life version of a male lead from a romance novel. Unfortunately, this male lead was her son.

If this were a romance novel, then she can only be the male lead’s mother who became a hindrance in his true love……

Gu Yuan who was enjoying her delicious meal suddenly became melancholy because of her position…..

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