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5 Big Shots Kneeled and Called Me Mom – Chapter 7.2

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Chapter 7.2 – Back To Film Academy

Ji Qisen, who was the subject of Gu Yuan’s gaze naturally could felt her gaze.

Adhering to the etiquette ‘chew with mouth closed, lay in silence’, Ji Qisen never speak when he was eating, but after being stared by the other party and he even heard the sighed that came from the opposite side of the dining table, he finally opened his mouth: “Mom, excuse me. Do you have any problems?”

Gu Yuan quickly put away her wild imagination: “No, there’s nothing….ei, I still don’t know when my house will be ready. How long will it take? Before then, I still need to plan my life.” 

Ji Qisen put down his fork and knife: “My lawyer is in the process of collecting evidence. Once all the evidence is ready, then we can proceed with the legal procedure. This will take about 2 days.”

Gu Yuan: “2 days…. that’s good.”

Ji Qisen: “Well, if everything goes smoothly, it will be 2 days. If it does not go well, it may take more time. But in the meantime, you can continue to stay here with peace of mind.”

However, Gu Yuan frowned and thought for a moment: “I’ll go back to my school today and find out if I can go back to study.”

Although her son was very good and looked very filial and willing to support her, she, who had only contributed 1 ovum cannot always stay here. She still needs a long-term plan.

On this matter, Ji Qisen was not optimistic but he still said: “Okay, I’ll let Butler Sima to accompany you.”

Gu Yuan: “Butler Sima?”

Ji Qisen: “Yes, he was the person you saw yesterday.”

Gu Yuan immediately felt very funny and almost laughed out loud. 

As it turned out, in the current era, there were still people with the Sima surname. Maybe I should change my surname to Zhuge!

[TN: Sima Yi and Zhuge Liang were prominent figures during the Three Kingdoms period in China. Both this surname is not as common as the other’s surname but they do have people with this surname in China, Vietnam, Korean and Japan. Wikipedia]

To contain her laughter, Gu Yuan coughed softly: “Actually…..there’s no need, I can go there by myself. In any case, I had studied there for 1 year. So, I’m quite familiar with that place. ”

However, Ji Qisen insisted: “Compared to 25 years ago, the outside world had changed a lot. You are still not familiar with the outside world.”

After Gu Yuan heard of this, she looked at her son in surprise.

Since she met her son, she always felt that even though her son had a cold and stern outlook, he was actually someone who was easy to talk to and easy to discuss with. But what he mentioned just now, she was unable to dispute it. Just like how when he had made a decision, there would be no other way for it to change.

When she felt the aura of the tyrant, Gu Yuan suddenly became a small terrified bao. There was no other choice for her but to give in. She replied softly: “All right….you have the final say.”[TN: How a general bao looked like -> Bao Image Now you can replaced the face with Gu Yuan’s terrified face on it XD]

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