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5 Big Shots Kneeled and Called Me Mom – Chapter 8.4

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Chapter 8.4 – Ex-boyfriend Had Become a Film Emperor

The Film Emperor suddenly fainted when he was supposed to give a hug and take a photo with the selected lucky fans. The scene became chaotic and turbulent.

The on-site staff members and Film Emperor’s retinue quickly took the fainted Film Emperor to the backstage and called an ambulance. The school security guards were dispatched to maintain the order and the scene was finally stabilized.

While Gu Yuan, who was the person at the scene who witnessed Lu Zhiqian fainted up close, was called to the police station for inquiries.

Gu Yuan: “He was my ex-boyfriend. So maybe he was too excited when he saw me?”

Policeman A: “Speak the truth!”

Gu Yuan: “That’s the truth. He had betrayed me, so he felt guilty when he saw me and thought I came to ask for his life.”

Policeman A: “Please tell me your mobile phone number.”

Gu Yuan: “I don’t have a mobile phone number!

Policeman A: “Are you telling the truth?”

Gu Yuan: “I very honestly tell you the truth!”

Policeman A had a headache.

What’s wrong with all the girls now. One by one they all chased after the stars. Chased until became a fool that cannot distinguish fantasy with reality? Furthermore, who didn’t have a mobile phone nowadays?

[TN: Star-chasing was a common occurrence in China where young people will do everything just to chase after their idol. Example of Star-chasing]

Policeman B continued to ask: “You said you and Lu Zhiqian used to be a pair of lovebirds?”

Gu Yuan: “Yes.”

Policeman B: “When did both of you get together and when did you both breakup?”

Gu Yuan: “We had been together since high school and continued until we joined the Film Academy. Afterwards, we broke up when we were in Year 2 because I fell sick.”

Policeman A & B: “……..”

Was she really a fool? Chased a star chase until became a fool!

Policeman A: “Girl, if you continue to be like this, we will call your parents to come.”

Policeman B: “It’s no use for you to continue to pretend to be crazy and stupid. Just tell us truthfully.”

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