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5 Big Shots Kneeled and Called Me Mom – Chapter 9.1

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Chapter 9.1 – Son Taught Me To Use Mobile Phone

The responsible Policeman A and B felt the humiliation of being suppressed by someone with higher authority than them. Then from the bottom of their heart, they despised this Senior Officer of theirs.

The Senior Officer also felt very helpless. Originally, this was nothing big. The relationship between the problem and the young lady was not big also. At the scene, the Film Emperor fainted by himself. What did it have to do with the young lady?

Now someone with very high status had come to bail this young lady. Can he not let her go? What kind of reasons did he have to keep her here?

Gu Yuan finally had the opportunity to leave and she immediately heaved a sigh of relief. The situation when she was being questioned helplessly had now vanished into nothingness. She even very courteously waved goodbye to the two policemen who questioned her. She happily said: “This Ahyi will go first. Byebye.”

Both the policemen immediately clenched their teeth. Why as a 20 years old young lady, she insisted on calling herself a 45 years old Ahyi?

Looking at the two policemen who were livid, Gu Yuan’s mood became even better. With a light and fast footsteps, she walked out of the police station. Once she exited the police station, she saw the King among cars, Maybach, was parked outside, 

Butler Sima who was in a full vest with a white shirt and a bow tie was standing respectfully at the side: “Miss Gu, please enter the car.”

Gu Yuan: “It was just not too long ago. How come the car already changed?”

With that being said, she entered the Maybach and discovered her convenient son, Ji Qisen, was sitting in it.

Ji Qisen saw her and he looked displeased: “Did they make things difficult for you?”

In contrast, Gu Yuan did not care at all. She had a very good mood: “It was okay. They’re going to be furious.”

Ji Qisen didn’t say anything anymore after he saw that she was in such a good mood.

On the other side, she recalled what had happened today in a high spirit to her son: “You guess who I met today.”

Ji Qisen obviously knew of the answer but he still very cooperatively asked: “Oh, who?”

Gu Yuan started to talk about her own ex-boyfriend to Ji Qisen: “Hehe, that year when he stood in front of my sickbed, he vowed his unchanging love to me. But in the next moment when he exited my room, he already couldn’t wait to kiss his mistress! By promoting his deep affection as a boyfriend, he moved people’s hearts and made his first debut. Unexpectedly, now he even became a Film Emperor? When he saw me, he became terrified. Most probably he thought that I had become a ghost and now I’m back to demand for his life.”

Gu Yuan felt very happy when she thought of the time when Lu Zhiqian fell down. Gu Yuan even felt proud when she thought about Lu Zhiqian’s deadly pale face.

She touched her youthful face that was filled with collagen in satisfaction: “It had been 25 years. He’s older now while I’m still young. What was the most precious thing in this world? It was not riches, not status nor reputation. Rather, it was youth.”

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