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5 Big Shots Kneeled and Called Me Mom – Chapter 9.2

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Chapter 9.2 – Son Taught Me To Use Mobile Phone

Ji Qisen raised his eyebrows and looked at her proud and contented little face. A smile clearly appeared from the depths of her eyes.

“The reason that you returned to school today……was it because you wanted to continue with your study?”

“Yes. I’m already 20 years old. It doesn’t make sense if I go back to high school. So, I thought of just directly go back to the Film Academy.”

“You wish to be an actress?”

Ji Qisen never liked to watch any movie, TV series or any variety shows. For him, those things were like another world.

The only contact he had with that world was when in a certain wine reception, there was a Film Empress who threw herself onto his arms and in return, she received an indifferent “scram” from him. 

From that moment onward, there was none that dared to go near him.

“Yes!” The seats in the interior of Maybach were very luxurious and Gu Yuan leaned comfortably on the seat: “I like to be an actress and I yearn to be an actress. When I was in Senior Year 3, I even acted in a hit drama with a small role but with some lines. The director also praised me for having camera sense and talent. Afterwards, I entered the Film Academy and attended the classes for 1 year. The teachers there also appreciated me and praised me for having solid basic skills. They said that I definitely would have a good prospect.”

At that time, there was even a script that was given to her. She was asked to take part in 1 of the roles in it. She had already agreed to it but later she discovered her terminal disease and had to give it all up to treat her illness.

When she was lying on the hospital bed and watched the TV, her classmate, Hu Yuejing, played the role instead of her. The drama became a hit. It was so popular that even the nurses in the hospital also discussed that character. 

Ji Qisen slightly nodded: “Then, what did the school say?”

As soon as she heard her son mention this, Gu Yuan’s original elevated heart suddenly fell down. She helplessly spread out her hands: “As a matter of fact, I had planned to go to the academy to look for the related department but I ran into Lu Zhiqian. Then I end up at the police station. I still haven’t had the time to ask about anything.”

Ji Qisen looked at her innocent and helpless look, quietly said: “Today had been very eventful for you. It’s better for you to go back and rest first. I will ask Butler Sima to go there afterwards and help you to ask around. If it does not work, you can directly go there again to explain clearly. What do you think?”

After going through today’s event, Gu Yuan definitely felt very tired. After being asleep for these 20 years, her body seemed to only have a little energy and had not fully recovered. Naturally, she also nodded her head.

After nodding her head, she turned her head and saw her son. Suddenly she remembered something.

Ji Qisen finally realized that she was looking at him thoughtfully, it was somewhat filled with some expectations.

Ji Qisen raised an eyebrow: “Yes?”

Gu Yuan smiled lightly and said in a flattering tone: “Qisen, that….”

Ji Qisen concisely said: “Just say it.”

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