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5 Big Shots Kneeled and Called Me Mom – Chapter 9.4

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Chapter 9.4 – Son Taught Me To Use Mobile Phone

And his Young Master, the domineering Young Master that was one of the Top 10 Most Powerful Person in the world and AK Group’s President, was leaning over slightly with mobile phone in his hand and taught Miss Gu to use the mobile phone bit by bit.

“This is Weibo, a lot of people post here to share various things. You can leave your message below it.”

“Oh oh…. I know this. This is like our bulletin board system!”

“This is WeChat. You can communicate with other people using this. You can also add friends.”

“Wasn’t this same as Penguin? I had played with this before also and also added a lot of friends.”

[TN: Penguin, in this case, referred to OICQ which was similar to ICQ. Now it had already been renamed as QQ]

“This is a browser, you can use it to search for everything.”

Under the guidance of Ji Qisen, Gu Yuan soon became familiar with all kinds of apps on the mobile phone. At this moment, she had temporarily lost interest in the game. The mobile phone was too interesting. Can go online anytime and anywhere.

Unlike the time when she needed to go to an internet cafe if she wanted to go online. Furthermore, it was also very expensive.

Coincidentally at this moment, it was the off-work rush hour. The traffic was very slow. The flashy Maybach moved slowly along the road while Gu Yuan nestled comfortably on the luxurious seat and enjoying herself.

“Wow, we can also watch the news!”

“Qisen, you look over here. Unexpectedly I can search for anything I want!”

“Here, here. Can even search the map and book a hotel room.”

Butler Sima was sitting upright and still while his face was very serious. There was nothing that could be read from his expression.

He was already on the brink of brain paralysis. What kind of potion had the Young Master been fed with? He unexpectedly tolerated Miss Gu to this degree? How deep was the love that Young Master had towards Miss Gu to indulge her so much? In the end, from which corner did this Miss Gu came out from that she had never even played a mobile phone before?

When did the Young Master fall in love? How come he was already at the stage where he simply gave out his mobile phone over to the other person to play?

Right at the time when Sima Butler was busy pondering about this, he suddenly heard Gu Yuan asked: “Eh, Qisen, was this a swindler? Or the phone was poisoned? This suddenly popped out.”

With that being said, he heard Gu Yuan start to murmur: “Shi Tian’s case has basically been finalized. At the moment, we’ve talked about 14.83 billion….”

Butler Sima suddenly sucked in a breath and was almost choked by his own saliva.

This was company P&C! This was the company secret!! Miss Gu, do you understand!!!

Behind him, his family all-powerful OCD Young Master who never gave anyone any face when he worked, unexpectedly took over the phone and casually explained to Miss Gu: “This is a reminder from WeChat message.” 

It seemed as if there was no need to keep the acquisition of 14.83 billion a secret!

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