A Joyful Happening in the House Chapter 4

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Translated: Akiha

Chapter 4

The wealthy young master of a well-off family.

This is the first impression Su Jia Ao got from Ji Chun Qing.

And this impression is for sure something that is bad, as whatever he had made Su Jia Ao felt so deadly that she wanted to run away.

His black hair, gentle eyes, small nose, pink lips, fair neck, thin waist, and even his mushy voice that was low and alluring. Makes one hate all of it!

His politeness, flexibility in dealing with others, but at the same time not daring to look at her, obviously sizing her up while avoiding gazes. Just how timid can he be!

The elegance when he picked the cup, the gentleness that was emitted from his actions, and the innocence from his face. All of that made her stuck her tongue out, showing her disgust towards how pretentious he was.

And his shamelessness when he called his servant to bring his luggage into her house, under the effect of his face, it had made the situation out to be him someone pitiful that had nowhere else to stay and came to his Dear Wife’s house to seek shelter. Him being taken care of is a matter of fact, chasing her out of her room and has her sleeping in the living room is a matter of course, if she was to retaliate, she will have to challenge and answer to her mother’s iron fist.

“Hey? Madam Su, may I know what is the meaning of this? Who is your daughter, is it him or is it me?”

“Aiyo, why can’t you be more understanding? Chun Qing is not married to you yet, of course the both of you can’t sleep together! Let me warn, you, don’t you dare sneak in during midnight and ruin his chastity!”

“Me…… Me ruining his chastity?” This world is so wrong, “This is my room, what right does he have for me to give my room up to him? Can’t he sleep on the floor! He’s a man!”

“Yeah, he’s your fiancé. Just be more generous and take good care of him. Isn’t it a matter of course for you to let your bed out for him to sleep in?”


She forgot about it. Discussing about the obligation of the genders, the demeanour of men, and the rights of women are basically the same as talking to a wall.

And so, under her mournful gaze, he walked into her room. Before heading in, he stood in front of her temporary sleeping spot for a while. He looked like he wanted to say something, but after opening his lips, he closed it once again. After holding it in, he only said:

“Let’s have our marriage completed soon.”

“Eh?” What’s the meaning behind the sympathetic gaze of his?

“I don’t want to see you sleeping on the floor.”

“Would you rather me sleeping beside you?”


Her words had made his face burned. He averted his gaze away and pursed his lips, neither agreeing nor denying her words.

She snorted at how lost he looked. She thought that he’s someone that had no composure since he’s unable to take any teasing him. She waved her hand in a disdained manner: “Just go away, I would rather sleep on the floor more than marrying you. Let me warn you, don’t you even think that I will comply just because you coaxed my mother! The times when one’s marriage is in accordance to their parents are over!”

“I know.”

 She’s so headstrong that even a passerby will also know about it.

“Also, I don’t like your type of men!”

“I know.”

He was unable to get her favourability; this fact is known from the very first time he laid his glance on her.

“And also, I already have a man that I like!”

“I know.”

Even having a baby; the fact that she has someone that she likes is something that’s to be expected.

Her hand that was pulling on the blanket froze as she heard him replying her, raising her eyes to look at him: “You knew that I have a man that I like? He’s domineering, prideful – he’s the manly type that will make one droll for him. Even with that said, you still want to marry me?”

“I don’t know if he’s manly or not, but I only know, I will not point my fingers at you for doing such reckless thing before marriage.” He said so calmly with his black eyes looking at her into her eyes, which is a rare occurrence, to show his tolerance towards her. But she was unable to go along with how serious he was opened her mouth in disbelief, making him thought that she doubted him and he emphasized, “Really!”

“…… Uu…… I’m in the bad…… God, I will never spout things without thinking, so please don’t joke around with me. Please take this divine man beside me back to the heavens, let him cultivate and be cleared of his worldly desires and become a divine being himself. So that he will stop punishing me with his sacred eyes. I’m about to melt from it! Help!”

He ignored her complaints. Laying his eyes on her wrist, he finds the black finger nails and the silver Phoenix Bracelet does not suit one another.

“And also, Dear Wife, the Phoenix Bracelet……”

“I’m not a Dear Wife! Just tell me tomorrow, I want to sleep now! Nightmares begone!”

“…… But the Phoenix Bracelet……” He lowered his body and touched the silver bracelet but she shook him away, having the pillow to cover her ears.

He lightly sighed, stood up and walked back to the room.

Oh well, since she does not want to listen to him, he might as well just tell her tomorrow that the Phoenix Bracelet had felt his presence and had activated the protection mode. From now onwards, before they complete their marriage, not any men can touch her just like that.

But it will be better this way. It might be good for her to distance herself away from those men.

It’s a sunny morning; Su Jia Ao woke up with severe eye bags. She had a nightmare yesterday.

In her dream, there’s a sinister and cunning person with vicious eyes kept on repeating the same thing beside her ear: “You won’t ever find a normal man, for sure it is a good, good, good, thing.”

What a malicious curse. Su Jia Ao wiped the sweat off her forehead and can’t help but think about her fiancé that fell from the sky. As she shivered, she received the two deep-fried dough sticks from the uncle.

“Xiao Ao, you look pretty bad today. I saw your mother leading a beautiful man back home yesterday, is she looking for a marriage partner for you?”

After finishing his sentence, the uncle strongly patted on her shoulder and lectured: “Don’t you bully such an honest man!”

Biting the deep-fried dough sticks, she planned to turn her head and show him a hallow laugh. But what entered her eyes were the two strings of blood hanging off the uncle’s nose.

“Uncle…… isn’t your internal heat a little too high? Having nosebleed this early in the morning?”

“Eh? Why did I begin to nosebleed out of a sudden?” The uncle wiped the nosebleed that happened for reasons unknown in a casual manner. But for him to be able to have nosebleed at his age, it can be considered something to be proud of! He indeed is still young!

The uncle being revitalized did not make Su Jia Ao felt alert, and the man that brushed his shoulder against her had blood spurted from his nose was only glanced by her at most, so she did not notice it. The moment she finally noticed her body changed was at the time she extended her leg to trip the man that rejected Xiao Wai, thinking that she’s a delinquent. At that moment, she saw that guy rolled on the ground and when he turned his face over, his nose was bleeding even though there’s no damage done onto his face……

The Xiao Wai beside her had made a ruckus.…..

“Boss, is what we were wearing today that sexy? We had covered whatever that needed to be covered, why did he begin to nosebleed out of a sudden?”

“Having this little composure, what kind of man did you even laid your eyes on?”

“Erhm…… Boss, after seeing him nosebleed like that, I feel like I don’t like him anymore, but do you want to find a spot to discuss about your body’s problem?”

“Hmm? What problem did I have?”

“All the men that had physical contact with you either had nosebleed or had blood spurting out of their nose…… and the guy in our class that we thought to be very princely and frivolous had spurted out a cup of blood just by passing by you. Did you practise any Ultimate Men Rejecting Technique?”

“……” Uhm…… after Xiao Wai talked about it, and also the weird nightmare that she had last night, she had felt like something is wrong.

“There will still be good man, so don’t despair about it, boss. Our……”

“Am I not able to touch any men from now onwards?” She made a very serious and conclusive question fearfully.

“Oh no, Xiao Wai, it seems like I really can’t touch any men! What should I do, what should I do!”

“Boss…… This is a big problem. Our homeroom teacher is just over there, go and experiment it on him!”


Fifteen minutes later, Su Jia Ao’s strict and serious homeroom teacher was sent into the infirmary with nosebleed, and his five year old son that he was to care for was left there. The kid knew nothing of the world and upon raising his head, he saw the older sister that extended both her hands out, wanting to touch him.

“You…… hurry up and go away! I don’t want to extend my evil hands to a child who’s only five years old!”

“Hmm?” The little boy did not understand what the person in front of him was struggling for, but he only felt that it is her who had severely bullied his father, and so, he raised his leg and stomped onto her leg, clenching his fist and swung it towards her, “Bad person! You bully my father!”

“Ah ah ah! I don’t to cause you to nosebleed, I still have conscience!”

“You are a bad person!”

After the boy stomped to his heart’s content, he then stopped and made faces at her, leaving safely.

Five year olds will be fine? Is it that she can’t touch those that are five years and above?

Then doesn’t that mean that even if she really mastered that Three Obediences and Four Virtues, she will never be able to be together with Xiao Yao Jing? The limit for others’ are at best aged at eighteen, but her happiness was cut off at the age of five?

As she thought so grimly, she heard Xiao Yao Jing’s deep voice behind her.

“Su Jia Ao? You came to find trouble with me even though I haven’t thought up of a way to deal with you? Hm?”

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