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A Joyful Happening in the House Chapter 5

A note from me, if you’ve read it here, you can skip the long paragraph before the chapter after entering:

For this novel, I might or might not separate it into parts.

Why uncertain? Because compared to YCY or 3M (Yes, this is the novel with higher votes), it is a slapstick novel that is very easy to tl. (And for those that was able or unable to recognize me, I have another project on my main website)
And I also have 1 more project that I’m working on to release all chapters at once on this blog (RoM-RC, 25 chapters, all had around 7-11 pages in MS words, Calibri 11)

How easy? YCY is difficult (and for those that wonder, not mtl friendly, and I’m not using mtl either) due to all the poems, ancient Chinese quotations, rhyming sentences, etc, and I myself also need to do research as I tl through them to avoid any mistakes.
As for 3M, it is in between these 2 novels, but it is very long (the teaser chapter took me 4++ hrs, almost the same as YCY)

So, it really depends on my schedule if I were separate it into parts to release 1 chapter in one go. That’s all from me, enjoy the novel~

Enjoy this chapter of JHitH~

Chapter 5

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