A Joyful Happening in the House Chapter 6

Translated: Akiha

Chapter 6

Dong Nu Tribe; in this age where the gender quality is so equal that it’s difficult to different between men and women, it is the only tribe that maintained its matriarchal practices, it is the tribe that practiced the tribal rule of women ruling over the men. The tribesmen lives hidden in the mountainous forest in the west-northern border. In the tribe, the women are the leader, and the women are regarded highly. The men will marry into the women’s family and become the belonging of the women. As quoted: Obeying the mother as a bachelor, obeying the wife after marriage, obeying the daughter once the wife passed away.

Bullshit! It is a bunch of lying bull crap!

What ‘women ruling over the men’, what ‘women are regarded highly’, what ‘men becomes the belonging of the women’. All these damned rules pale in comparison to the sinful Phoenix Bracelet shining with silver light that on Su Jia Ao’s wrist that speaks of the situation on hand!

Which is why, it is better to believe that ghosts exist than to believe in the damned mouth of men. She was almost tricked by the diligent, harmless and innocent face of Ji Chun Qing!

She knew it. There’s no way such an outdated village that is so conservative and believe in the rule of women over men for few hundreds of years will ever change. Saying things like he will belong to her after marrying into her family or no matter how frivolous and unrestrained she was, he will only overlook it. If so, then why the hell did he make her wear this freaking conservative bracelet that binds her and does not allow her to touch other men? He was obviously doing things with the matriarchal belief as his backing, what he’s saying and doing are completely contradicting. This damned bracelet that is like the chastity belt should have been worn by him so that it will suit the matriarchal belief!

“It’s wrong? I’ve worn it wrongly?”

Su Jia Ao used all her strength in pulling out the bracelet while turning her head back to look at the innocent Ji Chun Qing, “So you’re saying this bracelet was supposed to be worn by you to protect your chastity; but the idiotic me did not know when I was a kid and wore it myself. And now that it cannot be removed, I’ve also took the dowry away with me?”

Ji Chun Qing calmly nodded his head. Looking at his Dear Wife that was about to lose consciousness from her anger, he was not sure of he should also add in that because she naughtily worn the bracelet, it had made the elders in the family believe that it is fate and their marriage were decided just like that.

“Why didn’t you stop me? How can you be so wicked! I was still a kid and I understood nothing at that time, how can you watch as I destroy my own future!”

“Because you seemed to like this Phoenix Bracelet that was inherited generations by generations.”

Ji Chun Qing glanced at the Phoenix Bracelet that latched onto her. This Phoenix Bracelet rejects the opposite gender of the wearer and is the heirloom of Ji Family. It was originally worn by him who is a man to protect his chastity. Now that it had felt is presence, it will protect its owner no matter what. Although the Phoenix Bracelet is a spiritual item, it did not know that its owner had changed. And so, the one that it rejects has become men instead of women.

“Do I look like I really like it now?” She lowered her head and glanced over it. Without caring about the fact that she was on her way back, she directly sat down on the floor. The both of her legs stepped on the bracelet as she pulled her hand up, “How can I remove this thing!”

“Isn’t it better to wear it? It can protect you since this city is quite unsafe with all sorts of people around.” He advised her kindly.

“I don’t want to become a men killer!” She rejected his kindness. She will remove this bracelet that destroys her happiness even if it cost her her life. In this age, except for kindergarten, the chances of touching little boys are as high as the chances of bird poop falling onto the head.

“Come and help me remove this damn thing, so that I can also return your heirloom.” After returning it to him, it will also be easier to cut her ties with him and walk their own path.

“Dear Wife, you will not be able to remove the Phoenix Bracelet just like that.” Seeing her making her mind up, he kindly advised her.

“Then what should I do?”


“Eh? Call for dog? Call for a dog to bite it off for me?”
(T/N: In Chinese, both words sound similar.交媾 and叫狗 both are also Jiao Gou. I can somehow make the first 2 syllable sound alike, but the last syllable is hard….)

“Calling for dog over won’t help you, what I meant is……” You need to call for a man.

He felt embarrassed to say the second half of his sentence. With his face flushed, he turned his eyesight away and continuing to try to tell her indirectly, “You need to go through the ceremony of Zhou Gong with a man with clean body. Only then the Phoenix Bracelet can be removed.”
(T/N: Zhou Gong, in Chinese, when people say when they are going to meet with Zhou gong, it means they are going to sleep.)

“Alright…… What is that?”

He pursed his lips. Looking at how she did not understand it, he can only give up his euphemism and said it in a short and simple way: “…… Sleep with them.”

“…… You mean, I need to sleep with a virgin man?” Since it had become vulgar, might as well use words that are more vulgar.

“You can say so.” He also gave up struggling for euphemism and acknowledged this vulgar way of communication, “Also, Dear Wife. It will be better for you to decrease your meeting with boring men.”

“Why?!” She howled on the ground and felt like crying. She did not play around with any virgin men’s feeling, so why did she end up like this?

He stopped breathing for one moment due to her howl and stated the reason, feeling down, “Because that bracelet is sensitive towards purity. The more impure that person is, the greater they will suffer. “To put it simply, the more they conduct those activities, the more night activity they go through, the more the amount of blood will spurt out. If she accidentally touched a man who was frivolous and unrestrained, something like “blood flowing out like a river” will happen.

“……” She held in her urge to scream and shout profanities. After holding it for some time, a sentence was finally squeezed out of her teeth, “You’re really sure that you did not stop me from wearing this damned thing because I looked like I like it?” Will it be because he did not want to wear this freaking chastity protecting handcuff and push it onto her who understood nothing at that time? He really is a cunning and malicious man!


His silent acknowledgement had caused Su Jia Ao swung her hand loathingly. She had decided to head back and use vise, long nose pliers, mallet, and even axe to force her way and fight till the end. If nothing works, she will just cut her arm off. After making her mind, she stood up and was about to run home; but as if wanting to go against her wishes, the shadow in front of her kept on blocking her way. When she was headed to the right, it also went right; when she was headed left, a shiny leather shoe also stepped to the left side. She slowly looked up unhappily and wanted to give a warning glare to the person blocking her way.

A pair of stylish jeans that was worth full marks; within the pocket of the jeans, fingers with cold, stylish and loose rings can be seen. The person had a dark coloured coat with a deep V collared T-shirt, and the lips that were smiling mockingly had a cigarette hanging out.

Xiao Yao Jing?!

The male hormone had begun to spread in front of her. The legendary masculinity rushed to her face as much as it wants. She was so affected by it that her heart and soul beats for him. She subconsciously stepped backwards. For his safety, there is a need to keep their distance. Moving her feet, she caringly moved closer towards the virgin that was not damaged.

Her movement had made Xiao Yao Jing find it to be irritating. Moving his brows, he shot at her:

“Yo, what a coincidence to meet you again. Are you going back with your new boyfriend? Or……” His glance purposefully turned towards the man standing behind her, “Are you simply dragging random men to confess and say useless stuff like ‘I like you’?”

“Eh?” Su Jia Ao did not understand why he kept on poking at where it hurts.

He directly walked passed Su Jia Ao who was confused and did not know that she was condemned indirectly and directly walked towards the weak-looking man who was not his opponent, reminding him out of goodwill: “Is this woman yours? Did she tell you about the great story of her confessing to me yesterday?”

“Isn’t that right? Su Jia Ao, you told me that you like me. But now you’re playing at his?” He took the cigarette with both his fingers. Not waiting for Ji Chun Qing’s reply, he raised his brows and looked at her scornfully, “Looking for a man and show it off in front of me? Hmph, there’s a lot of women that play hard-to-get. But this is the first time I’m seeing someone playing it this badly.”

After Xiao Yao Jing ended his sentence, a voluptuous woman walked over from the opposite street. As if they had made the planning earlier, she waved her hand towards him. He lazily raised his hand towards the woman and the woman obediently ran over to his side, not caring about how difficult it is to walk on the sharp and tall heels. She then hugged him and stuck herself into his embrace.

He did not reject it and allowed the woman to do whatever she wanted to in his embrace. He extended his hand out and hugged her slim waist. Throwing the cigarette in his hands, he stepped on it and a slight curve can be seen on his lips:

“Let me remind you. Next time look for a lover that knows when to kiss a woman. This type of people that only has their looks and satisfied with only hugs won’t be able to make me feel challenging. I’m not someone prone to jealousy wither. If you want me to feel jealous, do make sure to do something more daring. Don’t embarrass yourself with something so low levelled.”

After he said so, he gave them a cold smile, obviously wanting to teach her a lesson. Glancing over her, the jealousy was flowing from her feet to the top of her head. The cold smile on his lips gradually changed to become satisfaction.

After Xiao Yao Jing had walked further away, Su Jia Ao felt very frustrated. He had always thought that men should have been like him – having all the airs, acceptance and temperament, not caring about minor things and not panicking at major incidents. But she had never thought that he was such a narrow-minded and sharp-tongued. It’s okay if he had rejected her, but he had to mock her with a woman.  She was troubled by the Phoenix Bracelet alone. Knowing that he is not a pure person, she had purposefully pulled her distance away from him to keep him safe; but he just had to repay her kindness with malice.

Looking at the overlapping silhouette in front of her, she bit her lips. Feeling unbalanced, she humph. Damn it, since he’s saying that she’s playing hard-to-get, she will ‘get’ for him to see. She turned her head back and look at the only man that she can touch – her legal fiancé and pulled him towards her. She copied how the freaking woman did and hugged him. She moved her head in his embrace. Unlike the smell of tobacco on Xiao Yao Jing, Ji Chun Qing is so clean that only fragrance is left on him.

Ji Chun Qing who was pulled over did not retaliate his Dear Wife’s rare showing of affection. She domineeringly grabbed both his hands to circle around her waist and he can only stand there stiffly. Because he was lectured by the shameless man, he did not know what he should do.

The woman using all her force to grip him became displeased: “Just how pure can you get, hug me!”

He did not move and stood there, frowning and thinking about something.

“Aren’t you someone who’s obedient? I want to hug for him to see, hug me!”


“Just hug and embrace me! Help me frustrate him to the limit!”

“I was thinking……”

“What are you hesitating at this moment? Just hug me as hard as possible; if my spine were to break from that, I will take responsibility over it myself!”

“…… I was thinking, isn’t it better if I were to kiss you now?”


After saying so, his exquisite and soft pink lips came down. Seems like it was not only her that bears grudge easily, he himself also minded about his weakness of “Not knowing when to kiss a woman”. Since the both of them are the vengeful two-manned team, at this moment where they need to work together to fight against the same enemy, she doesn’t care about it anymore and closed her eyes, allowing him to do whatever he wants on her mouth that was not touched by anyone.

Xiao Yao Jing did not walk that far away from them. He glared at the two diligent students that had quickly thought things out after his lecture and researched thoroughly. That good looking man had even immediately provided him with a medicine of great effect and pulled the woman who had confessed to him yesterday in to his embrace and lowered his head to kiss her. He held in his urge to curse them so that their tongue will break. He tried his best to maintain his manly temperament and breathed deeply.

“Yao Jing, why are you angry? My waist hurts from your holding.”

“Mmn? I’m angry? How is that possible! Did I use too much force?” He tried his best to curve his lips upwards and asked her.

He felt that he was calm, quite calm and peaceful. He was emotionally unperturbed and did not feel like punching anyone. He only wanted to drink a cup of cold water as soon as possible to make himself felt more comfortable.

“……” Did he not? He’s not even embracing her but is gripping her. And now he even had a threatening face. He was no angry, but was furious……

And the Su Jia Ao who had her back facing Xiao Yao Jing that was thought to be enjoying the deep and soft kiss raised her head and sweat fell from her head. She rolled her eyes at Ji Chun Qing’s beautiful lips; the innocent lips that did not move after falling onto her forehead. She then said peevishly:

“Is this what you call ‘kissing’?” It was so divine, so pure and innocent; it was such a kiss that made her feel like punching him. Did he her take her for a saint or a nun or a vegetarian!

“Dear Wife, we have already crossed the line. Even if you really wanted it, I can only do this much before our marriage.” His voice was stern and firm, as if he really had his own principles to follow. Wanting to get her favour is one thing; protecting his chastity is another thing.

“You just go and continue to become someone who only has the looks, you close-minded man!”

Akiha: Admittedly, I was kinda pissed off at XYJ in the middle of it when tl-ing. But I laughed myself off again after seeing the ‘kiss’ xD
On another note, should I put the T/N right below the paragraphs (in light colour) or should I put the note at the bottom of the chapter?

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