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A Shocking Terrifying Short Story

Translator: @xercia
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A Republic of China’s Horror

Part 1

She was a maidservant who usually served the only young miss of the Liang family. She shared the same age as the young miss and had accompanied her since childhood.

The young miss returned from studying abroad. In these years where the flames of war rose everywhere, those who have drunk foreign ink¹ and dressed in the small foreign small skirts were always very welcomed.

¹TN: Those who studied abroad or had a foreign education.

Mr. Liang had found a marriage partner for the young miss.

The marriage partner would be the only son of a warlord. It was rumored that he had a weak constitution and had been raised at home since childhood. Very few outsiders had seen him before.

The young miss disagreed.

She pursued after the new-age feminism. How could she possibly place her marriage on a feudal minded man!

Thus, she ran away from the marriage.

The Liang family immediately became chaotic.

In Beiping, where smoking guns were everywhere, the Liang family was nothing more than an ordinary family with a rich business background. How could it possibly stand up to an independent warlord?

Hence, Mr. Liang thought of a solution——a replacement.

As the young miss’s maid, she knew everything when it came to the young lady. She also knew the roots and depths of the Liang family. Even her slave-contract was in the hands of the Liang family.

Mr. Liang was not afraid that she would cause any trouble.

On the tenth day of July, she got on the sedan chair.


Gongs and drums were beat along the entire way to the warlord’s house.

As she sat in the sedan chair, nervousness and fear accounted for most of how she felt.

The matchmaker’s voice was extremely loud. She was taken off the sedan chair and could barely see anything with the headcover on her. She could only look at the ground.

Next to her was a pair of feet.

It should belong to her future husband. She didn’t know how he looked like, handsome or ugly…

From the formal bows to entering the nuptial chamber, it was all done in one go.

It wasn’t until the headcover was lifted that she found that her husband was born spirited and handsome, with a smile on the corner of his lips.

It was naturally a night of spring breeze.


The warlords should not have discovered that she was a replacement.

After getting married, she lived the life of a young madam. No matter what she did, there was a servant girl in front of her.

The only thing that didn’t go well, probably…was that she always felt like she was being watched.

Every night, she felt like she was peeped on.

That feeling of being relentlessly followed, every time she was reminded of it, she couldn’t help but shiver.

She told her husband.

He was furious and found a hole on the wall of the bed.

Then, following that hole, the voyeur was found and was shot in the head in front of her.

She finally felt relieved.


She waited on him, loosening his belt and undressing him before resting on the bed.

After the lights were blown out, the room was dark. Only the moonlight that seeped in from the outside landed on the ground, reflecting the shadow of the gauze.

For an unknown reason, she still felt that someone was watching.

She opened her eyes and could not fall asleep.

He had his back turned to her, his thick back straight. Finally, unable to endure, she turned around and hugging him from behind.

Finally falling into a deep sleep.


At night, she was awakened by thirst.

She felt her way off the bed soft and quietly. Thankfully there was still tea on the table, gulping down several mouthfuls.

After moistening her throat, she turned around and walked back.

The gauze on the bed covered the inside. She smiled slightly, shrunk back under the covers, and slept on the side facing outward.

After a moment, she turned around, only to find that he was awake and was looking at her emotionally.

“Husband,” she said.

She reached out to touch him.

Under her fingers was his loose hair. She didn’t care as she reached out her hand to shift it away.

But how come no matter how much she shifted it, she couldn’t finish shifting it?

She wondered as she met his gaze.

“Husband, your hair…”

Her words came to an abrupt end as her eyes suddenly widened, filled with horror as all sounds were caught in her throat.


She finally understood why shifting his hair was endless.

Because what she was facing was his back.

The back of his head.



She finally understood who was watching her every night.

TN: Hope you enjoyed this one-shot. Personally, rather than scary, it is a bit creepy but it also looks like some people might have trouble getting what’s so scary about it. I won’t reveal it here but once you get it, it would be creepy if you think about it.

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