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Abandoned Concubine: Kidnapping a Cute Baby to Break Out Into The World – Ch 10

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Abandoned Concubine: Kidnapping a Cute Baby to Break Out Into The World

Chapter 10 – One Family

“What is fourth brother doing here? Since you have come, why not come in and sit down” a voice suddenly sounded behind him.

    “Second brother.” Murong Yining held his fist in salute.

    “Wang Ye,” Liu Xinmei’s voice trembled, and also bowed in greeting. Guh…no way, how far do his ears reach to have heard about this so quickly?

    This was her nominal husband, that unscrupulous scumbag. Liu Xinmei raised her head and scrutinized him.

    Draped in a light blue brocade, he was also lean and tall. His facial features were similar to Murong Yining’s, but his facial lines were very chiselled, like a stone carved with a knife, creating a very strong sense of three-dimensionality.

    Geez, what a waste of such a good outer appearance, Liu Xinmei sighed. This would be the supposed dressed up animal.¹

¹TN: An immoral and despicable person under the disguise of a good appearance.

    “Liu Xinmei” His eyebrows scrunched into the “chuan” character², “not staying still inside the palace, what are you doing out here?” This woman, how long has it been since he last saw her. Recently, he heard from Lian Ying’er that she hasn’t been very settled.

²TN: 川 – Chuan Character

    “I, I came out to bring the child back.” She quietly said. This man had yet to properly look at her from beginning to end, just how much did he detest her?

    “Have you found him? Then bring him back. Behave yourself and stay in your own courtyard, lest you disgrace yourself.” He said with disgust.

    “Second Imperial Brother, how can you say that, Imperial Sister never did anything wrong.” Murong Yining couldn’t bear to hear it anymore and said in defence.

    “It’s indeed a bit disgraceful to see right now” Liu Xinmei looked at her attire. “But it’s not entirely my fault. I also want to wear gold and silver, but I don’t have this ability.”

    Truly has changed, she even dared to talk back to him. Murong Yifei’s complexion fell and was just about to throw a fit.

    “Good boy, this is your father, come over to greet him.” Murong Yining mediated.

    The little guy flinched and hid behind Liu Xinmei. He stuck out his head and looked at Murong Yifei. Is this his father? But he didn’t seem to like him and his mother.

    “What’re you being so fierce for? Aren’t you afraid of scaring the child” Liu Xinmei rolled her eyes at Murong Yifei in displeasure. She squatted down and softly comforted Chaofan.

    After a long while, the little guy finally calmed down in her arms, but also looked at Murong Yifan with disgust, whispering, “This person is so ferocious, and he is not polite to mother in the slightest, nor cares about me at all. I don’t want such a dad. Why not, ” he hesitated for a while, then mustered up his courage and said:” Fourth Imperial Uncle, you must be a very caring person, won’t you please come be my dad, please?”

    Murong Yifei’s face grew black.

    Murong Yining blushed.

    Liu Xinmei’s face altered between red and white. This child really had the potential to anger people to death.

    “Still not bringing him in yet?” He scolded loudly. Very good, both the old and the young dared to go against him.

    “Humph, my money hasn’t been picked up yet. I’m waiting for Liu Ye Er to come back.” Chaofan straightened his neck, his face full of impatience. With mother here, this person was not so scary.

    “Where did all this money come from?” He asked coldly. He seemed to have just seen many citizens scatter from here.

    “This is what I begged from everyone. Also, Fourth Imperial Uncle gave me the most, so I like him the most.” He hugged Murong Yining’s leg intimately, raised his small face, and looked at him with a smile.

    Faced with his dark eyes and a smile as bright as the sun, Murong Yining felt that his heart had begun to melt. He bent down and kissed him on the cheek. The child’s skin was smooth and silky, so adorable.

    “Come here” Murong Yifei was obviously not happy. This was his son, shouldn’t he be intimate with him? Also, what did he just say? That all this money was obtained through begging?

    He glared at Liu Xinmei. Was the woman deliberately trying to disgust him? Bringing the child out to beg, how could she even do such a stupid thing?

    Liu Xinmei stared at him fearlessly. What, you don’t give me money and aren’t even allowing me to find another way? Although it’s a little embarrassing, but, seeing how she had just arrived, wasn’t it because she didn’t have the time to properly think about it?

    “Liu Ye Er, where did you run off to for such a long time? Shizi was waiting anxiously for you.” She saw Liu Ye Er with a glance, and immediately shouted out excitedly.

    “Wang Fei, this servant went to go find a bag,” Liu Ye Er panted.

    Ah, she froze for a bit, when did the Wang Ye come back?

    “This servant greets Wang Ye.” She hurriedly gave the greeting, her heart started to pound “Putong Putong”. Her family’s Wang Fei didn’t get scolded did she?

    “En, get up.” He said lightly. Was this a maid from his residence?

    “Mother, you hold it for me.” Chaofan stuffed that ingot of gold into Liu Xinmei’s hand, and squatted on the ground to pick up all the money.

    “Don’t pick it up.” Murong Yifei chastised, the dignified Shizi of the palace was actually like a beggar. Wasn’t this slapping his face?

    “Why can’t it be picked up? You don’t give any, and yet you won’t even allow me to find a way myself? What are we supposed to starve to death?” Liu Xinmei raised her head and glared at him. If he feared such disgrace, he would’ve done something long ago.

    “Liu Xinmei, didn’t Ben Wang give you a monthly allowance? Is this how you teach and guide your son?” Murong Yifei asked coldly.

    “You do, it’s just…” Liu Xinmei felt that it was too embarrassing to even say herself. What could you possibly do with just two silvers?

    “Just what” in front of his little brother, must she embarrass him?

    “It’s just that it’s not enough to spend, seriously, your stupidity can’t be helped. If there were piles of gold and silver, do you think I’d be willing to come out here to request alms? Also, failing to educate the child is the fault of the father; being lax on teachings is the laziness of the teacher¹. In both sentiment and principle, you shouldn’t be blaming me. Why don’t you ask your conscience if you have really done your duty as a father” Liu Xinmei retorted as she watched her son work hard picking up all the money.

¹TN: Part of the Three Character Mantra 三字经 that is taught in childhood regarding what ‘should’ be known.

Murong Yifei paused. Seems like, he really hasn’t. If it wasn’t for seeing this scene upon coming back today, he had almost forgotten that these two people still existed within his palace.

    “You’re all not coming to help?” The little doll looked at the adults aggrievedly. So much money, how long would it take to pick it all up?

    Guh, seeing the thin coat of sweat seeping out of his head, Liu Xinmei’s heart was already aching. Hearing his plea for help, she didn’t care that Murong Yifei was still in front of her, and immediately squatted down to help him. Liu Ye Er secretly took a glance at the Wang Ye, bit her lip, and also crouched down. Murong Yining pondered a bit and then also stooped down to join their team.

    Strength in numbers. This phrase was true in every sense. Soon, all the money on the ground was put into the cloth bag. Before Liu Xinmei and Murong Yining had the chance to get up, Chaofan stood in the middle of the two, embracing their necks, one under each arm, and sweetly kissed heavily on each of their faces. In his heart, both of them treated him extremely well.

    This was obviously his wife and son. Why do they look so harmonious and so much like a family? Murong Yifei felt a breath clog up his throat and was speechless.

    “So heavy, Your Royal Highness Chen Wang, look, Chaofan is still a baby. Liu Ye Er and I are both women. You are the only big man around here. Won’t you help out and take this to the room, alright?” Liu Xinmei helplessly asked Murong Yining for help.

    “Fourth Imperial Uncle, please help us out.” Chaofan hugged Murong Yining’s legs and kept on swaying.

    “Alright.” Murong Yining’s lips widened into a smile and immediately agreed.

    A bunch of clamoring crows flew over Murong Yifei’s head. He was completely ignored here. If the only man here was just Murong Yining, then what was he?

    Chaofan walked valiantly and spiritedly in the front, like a general who had just come back from winning a triumphant battle. Murong Yining walked beside him carrying the bag. Liu Xinmei looked back at Murong Yifan, coldly laughed, and caught up with her son. Liu Ye Er also followed after her master.

    In front of the palace’s gates, which was full of hustle and bustle just earlier, suddenly fell silent. Murong Yifei stood there alone, as if he was the one that was abandoned.

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