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Abandoned Concubine: Kidnapping a Cute Baby to Break Out Into The World – Ch 2

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Abandoned Concubine: Kidnapping a Cute Baby to Break Out Into The World

Chapter 2 – Scumbag

“Wang Fei, the medicine has gotten cold, this servant will go heat it again.” Liu Ye Er walked over and picked up the medicine bowl. Looks like she would have to listen to the increased gossip from those in the kitchen again.

“Am I ill?” Liu Xinmei was very glad. Having met with such a tragic car accident, she was actually unharmed and could lie here with her hands and feet intact. It simply was a miracle.

“Wang Fei, you fell from the artificial mountain and you have been in a coma for three days already.” This fall was quite serious, the miss couldn’t remember anything.

No wonder why her head seemed so painful, turns out the original owner of this body also suffered a disaster in life.

“Liu Ye Er, I don’t need to take medicine anymore. I’m really hungry. Please get me some food.” She requested.

Liu Ye Er opened her mouth and seemed as though she wanted to say something, but still walked out obediently.

Footsteps were finally heard outside the door after an unknown amount of time had passed. Liu Ye Er came in holding a tray.

Just a bowl of white porridge and two side dishes, Liu Xinmei looked at her with dismay. Her appetite is so good right now that she could swallow a whole roast duck.

“Is there only this?” She was still a patient, shouldn’t she be recuperating?

“Wang Fei, it has already passed meal time. Even this was from the kitchen’s Song Momo, since she felt kind and made this, after this servant begged for a long time.” Liu Ye Er said uneasily. The Wang Fei was not as easy to wait on as usual.

“Liu Ye Er, do we usually eat this too?” She wouldn’t be able to stand it if the meals were all like this.

“Wang Fei, this servant is incompetent.” Liu Ye Er’s eyes suddenly grew watery. Even the servants of this palace eat better than her master.

Haha, this remark, Liu Xinmei couldn’t help but blush. Following such a master, who really was incompetent?

Liu Xinmei was already dizzy from hunger. It’s quite reasonable to not be picky when hungry. She didn’t care to say much more, took the bowl, and ate it in a jiff.

“Mother’s table manners are so ugly.” The child on the side murmured in a low voice.

Er, Liu Xinmei smiled guiltily. Having just rolled back from the gates of hell, how could she still care about image.

“Liu Ye Er, go tell the kitchen, I want four side dishes and one soup served for every meal, including fish and meat. There needs to be a balance of vegetables and meat. If it can’t be done, I will find a way myself. Don’t blame me for not having said ahead of time should there be any trouble.” To be courteous was her standard of life.

“Mom, will we all have meat to eat in the future?” The little radish head cheered and plunged into her arms.

Erp, fortunately, he was already about four years old. If he was still a baby, she would be too embarrassed.

Regarding this son she picked up, there wasn’t any unwillingness in her heart. She had no loved ones in her previous life. This feeling of dependency still made her heart suddenly soften.

“So long as you follow my words obediently. By the way, you should also speak clearly in front of outsiders.” Liu Xinmei said softly to him.

“I, I, I dare not. Father…and…those other Wang Fei Niang Niangs, all, all are very fierce.” The child stuttered involuntarily at the mention of them. Liu Xinmei frowned repeatedly at this utterance. Could it be that there are a group of fierce devils and evil fiends within this palace?

“Little radish head, remember, in this world, people will bully those who are good, people will ride the horses that are good. If you are always tolerant, you can only live the most inferior life.” It’s no wonder that a boy, having been raised like this, wouldn’t be favored.

“Wang Fei, please lower your voice. If we are heard by Concubine Lian, then we will be in trouble. Listen to this servant’s words, your illness has not yet subsided, don’t confront them.” Liu Ye Er said cautiously. This..how come the Wang Fei’s behavior is so different compared to the past once she woke up?

“Oh, my illness, yes, what did the doctor say,” Liu Xinmei asked casually.

“Wang Fei, this servant went to request a few times before Concubine Lian sent an old feeble doctor over. He said that you are fine, just needed to rest peacefully. This servant had no other choice but to sell the bracelet you used to reward me in the past. I secretly invited a doctor for you before I was able to get a couple of medicinal soups.” Speaking of this, Liu Ye Er’s eyes became red. Who else in this entire residence would place this master and servant in their eyes?

“Nonsense, I’ve already fainted yet still just freaking¹ telling me to rest peacefully. Where did this quack doctor come from? At the time, why didn’t I just jump up and scare him silly.” Liu Xinmei was furious, nanny effer¹, is there really such a need to bully people this much.

¹TN: Kids, don’t swear.

Liu Ye Er was too scared to say a word. She had served the miss since she was a child, and had never seen her angry.

“What did Murong Yifei say?” Suddenly remembered the head of the family in this palace, was he this indifferent towards her?

“The lord has not come by for two years already.” Liu Ye Er’s head drooped even lower.

“What kind of scumbag doesn’t come by for two years? Doesn’t that mean this old lady here would be a wife in name?” Liu Xinmei grew angrier and started scolding.

The child in her arms recoiled, “Mom, what a scumbag?”

“A scumbag is a man who thinks of himself as outstanding, is extremely selfish, good at demanding, irresponsible, and takes pleasure in playing with other people’s feelings. No, to denominate them as people are too flattering; they are simply irresponsible animals.” Liu Xinmei said while gritting her teeth, hating this bastard who she had never met before. It’s not an issue if you don’t like some, give them their freedom. How wicked must you be to be hogging the toilet while not shitting?²

²TN: basically hogging something despite not having a use for it

One big and one small stared at her stunned. Is this person for sure the Wang Fei? What kind of things was that mouth spewing?

“Wang Fei…” Liu Ye Er was about to cry from anxiety: “Be quieter, be quieter, if this was heard by others, we will die.”

“Liu Ye Er, little radish head, listen to me closely. From today onwards, we will live out our lives. No matter who they are, as long as they dare to try to bully us, if you can, try not to squabble. Just directly go and fiercely beat them, it’s on me if they die.” Liu Xinmei said domineeringly. She didn’t believe that with her skills, she would still need to live based on someone else’s face.

“Mom, I am not a little radish head, I have a name. Even Liu Ye Er calls me Prince.” The child in her arms wriggled in protest. Haha, does he think this title wasn’t pleasant?

“What do you know, this is a nickname. Rest assured, I will only secretly call you this when it’s just us three. Other people do not have the right to hear it.” Liu Xinmei had a certain convention when it came to coaxing people.

Nickname, the child held a confused face. Mother is different from before, he needs to be just like her, to become very…mighty.

“Liu Ye Er, hurry to the kitchen, we’re going to eat meat at night.” He said with a milky voice as he shook his fist.

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