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Abandoned Concubine: Kidnapping a Cute Baby to Break Out Into The World – Ch 3

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Abandoned Concubine: Kidnapping a Cute Baby to Break Out Into The World

Chapter 3 – Killing the Chicken for the Monkey*

Liu Ye Er’s eyes widened. The Wang Fei became different from before. Why was the young prince following in adding to the chaos? She didn’t dare to provoke anyone. In this palace, the Wang Fei was all humble, her words not carrying much weight, much less her maidservant.

“Go, this request is not excessive.” Liu Xinmei also stated; this request was completely reasonable.

“Oh.” Liu Ye Er’s heart continuously pounded and went to the kitchen with a hardened head.

“What your Wang Fei haha, don’t you use chicken feathers as a warrant¹. Who doesn’t know that An Palace is now kept by Wen Wang Fei and Lian Wang Fei. Four dishes and soup, and even fish and meat, stop dreaming. Even rewarding you with a bowl of leftovers depends on my mood. Scram back quickly and go serve your Wang Fei well.” The kitchen manager Lian Momo said sarcastically, deliberately biting the word “Wang Fei” very heavily.

¹TN: basically making a fuss about something that’s a casual remark from their superior.

Liu Ye Er’s face was white from anger, but when she looked at the soricine Lian Momo, her heart caved cowardly. She covered her face and went back to her courtyard crying.

Looking at her with tears all over her face, Liu Xinmei knew that she must have been wronged. Her mouth curled up in what seemed like a smile and asked, “What, they didn’t agree?”

“They don’t have you, Wang Fei, in their eyes.” Liu Ye Er bit her lower lip tightly, the pain in her heart extending outwards.

Looking back at the little radish head, he had already lost the courage just now, shrinking to the corner of the bed, blinking his big eyes.

“Why don’t you go for a walk” Liu Xinmei deliberately teased him.

The little baby sat there shaking his head desperately, his little hands crumpling his shirt. Liu Yi Er was already scolded back, he was even more afraid to go.

“You are a man and you need to protect your mother in the future. This kind of cowardice will not do. ” Liu Xinmei was well aware of the principle of “rather than raising a child as a sheep, it was better off to raise them as a wolf.”

Although the little baby was cowardly, he was not stupid. He said slowly: “When I grow up, I will naturally protect mother, but currently, I can’t beat anyone.”

“Then do you want to come punish those bad guys with your mother?” Liu Xinmei quickly entered the role, hehe, what fun. She has yet to have married, but suddenly, her son was already so big.

“Chaofan, do you know, quarreling also requires a drive? Are you very scared? No worries, in fact, they are also scared. As long as you act fearlessly, you would have already won three points.” Liu Xinmei methodically guided as she walked.

The little baby turned his eyes and then nodded after a long while. Mother used to educate him to be obedient and to not anger anyone.

Under the guidance of Liu Ye Er, the few people quickly came to the kitchen. Everyone looked at the ragged master and servant. It’s been two years, they have almost forgotten that she still existed within the palace.

Liu Xinmei looked at the kitchen, um, very big, and very neat. Fresh fish, meat, and seasonal vegetables were all laid out in an orderly manner.

“Liu Ye Er, who was it, just now, that said it depended on her mood to reward me with a bowl of leftovers.” Liu Xinmei’s back was straight, a gentle smile hung on the corner of her mouth.

Liu Ye Er’s eyes fell upon a fat woman but didn’t say anything.

“Aiyo, who is this, coming here and shouting about. This place here has rules. If these foods were dirtied, Lian Fei Niang Niang would place blame here. What are you all still looking at, quickly throw them out; not even afraid of the shabby air on their body tainting the things here.” Lian Momo waddled about, really not placing the mother and son within her eyes.

Haha, a kitchen lady dares to be so rude to the Wang Fei. This original owner was not just your everyday type of weak.

Like a dog, threatening by pulling rank, cursing, and driving them out at once. Lian Momo had a smug smile hanging on her face. Hmph, her lady was one of the current keepers of the family.

Liu Xinmei didn’t say anything, struck the head of the group giving a vicious slap. Blocking upwards and sweeping downwards, she made quick work of them, knocking down the bunch swiftly. She has a black belt in Taekwondo, which was more than enough to deal with these people.

“Madness, madness, the people in the Cold Courtyard have gone mad. Hurry and find the guards to drag them out,” that Lian Momo hoarsely cried out.

Oh, so it turns out that she lived in the Cold Courtyard, just like the Cold Palace.

The little radish head had long been hiding next to Liu Ye Er, grabbing her hand nervously. Liu Ye Er looked at Liu Xinmei with a dumbfoundedly. Was this really her miss? Wasn’t the oldest young master the only one who learned Kung Fu in the Liu Residence?

She hated dogs who would bark a few times when they have nothing better to do the most. Liu Xinmei came in front of Lian Momo in a few steps, turned around, and went to her back. She stretched out her right arm and strangled her neck while her left hand picked up a gleaming kitchen knife.

“AH…” screamed Lian Momo.

“Shut up, if you frighten this Wang Fei, my hand might slip, and maybe you would end up with fewer parts on your body.” Liu Xinmei threatened her openly.

Lian Momo trembled but dared not call out again.

“Say, don’t I just want to eat some meat? Why are you making all sorts of excuses and resisting so much? Did the meat come off you to make you so distressed,” Liu Xinmei said word by word in her ear.

“You’re the one…” Just as Lian Momo wanted to break out cursing, she saw Liu Xinmei’s hand holding the knife, flipping it up and down, and immediately closed her mouth obediently.

“And you guys, all a bunch of dogs who pull rank to bully. No matter what, I am still the Wang Fei. If your lord bullies me, then so be it, but even you all want to climb on top of my head,” Liu Xinmei said, the gleaming kitchen knife lay chillingly against the neck of Lian Momo.

“Wang Fei…Wang Fei, please spare me, this servant wouldn’t dare to ever again.” Lian Momo’s entire body shivered, stuttering for mercy.

“Liu Ye Er, you…look, she…also, like me…the same” Looking at Lian Momo’s panic-stricken expression, Chaofan’s illness surfaced again. But this time it was not from fright, but rather from gloating.

“So is my request going to be fulfilled or not,” Liu Xinmei’s knife moved from time to time.

“Of course, of course, please spare my life Wang Fei.” All of a sudden, hot liquid flowed down between Lian Momo’s legs.

Liu Xinmei stepped back a few steps in disgust and grabbed a chicken from the corner.

“Buck buck…” The chicken flapped its wings desperately, trying to escape.

Liu Xinmei slashed its throat with the knife without hesitation. “Plip plop”, the blood trickled to the ground as that chicken’s head fell.

Everyone shivered with fear, not daring to even let out a heavy breath.

“Tonight, this Wang Fei will be eating this. If it does not appear at dinner time, hum hum, I can’t guarantee that people won’t be slaughtered.” Liu Xinmei flicked her hand, and with a swish, the knife was deeply embedded into the chopping board.

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TN: The chapter’s title means to make an example of something insignificant in front of someone.

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